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Better picture of the hair. (referring to yesterdays post)
Also my cute Valentine’s day dress, but it isn’t Valentine’s day yet.
I won’t be posting on Valentine’s, but wanted to have a fun post for it.

“Happy Early Valentine’s Day!”
lovely glass toy and me

The whole outfit.
Lucky date?
I’m not so sure because my latest may not be my greatest.
Guess I will see.

the whole package

What am I holding you may wonder?
It is a glass massage wand (sometimes called a dildo) made by SSA Glass that is extra special cute because it has red hearts and says “I love you” written around it.
The writing sticks up on the glass a bit to give texture, but it is very little texture.
Besides the design this is a very average glass wand (dildo) of average length (a bit over seven inches long) and of average girth (just under one and a half inches in diameter) with a nice fun tip on the end.
Average is a good thing when it comes to glass wands (dildos) because the reason average exists in the world of glass wands (dildos) is because most people like that particular size and shape.

Valentine’s day is NOT the only time to be giving a sweet heart a present.
Any day is good, but if it is for someone you love it doesn’t get any cooler than this.

I got mine as a gift from Snow White, who got it for free as a review product. Here is her review.
I do not review for the company she got it from.
(Just call it a dildo)

I’m using this post to show off my hair, but the Picobong KiKi vibe is my excuse for the post.
I don’t have any cool stories to tell about using this little thing yet, but I can say it is a fun little vibe.

fun pink vibe

I like the cuteness of it first off. It is silicone with a hard plastic cap on the back. Mine is pink, but it also comes in a nice blue color too.
All Picobong vibes have 12 different vibration patterns and multiple speeds. That is a lot of options in a pocket-sized vibrator that you can take anyplace.
I am simple though and have just been using it on a steady middle of the road regular vibe setting.
All Picobong vibes have a 2-button interface that is easy to use. That is good because if it gets complicated it ruins the fun. I hate when a vibrator has so many buttons it is like figuring out a remote control for a combo Blu-Ray, dvd, TV, stereo, game system.
This toy is also submersible so it is good for the bath.
The shape is really nice too. The flat part at the end is good for applying pressure and if you use just the tip you can get super targeted.
I guess this vibe would be fine to insert, but I haven’t used it that way.

So, that is my sex toy talk of the day.
More pictures of my fabulously fun hairdo are coming your way tomorrow.



Posted on: January 18, 2012

I was going to do a tanning lotion review.
Hemp2 10x Bronzer.
Who am I kidding though? I’m never very tan. I don’t want to be tan. I like being white. It makes my tattoos show up better.
I do not like being ghost white though so when winter is here like now I do pop into the sun bed for 10 minutes once every week or so to make sure I don’t start to glow with whiteness.

hemp2 bronzer for tanning

I work in a hair salon. One with a tanning salon attached. They sell about a million different tanning products.
O.K. more like a hundred, but it is a lot no matter how you count it.
This is the stuff I like and one of the most popular with the other girls too.
It goes on nice, it doesn’t burn me, and my little ten minute sessions every week or every other week keep me from glowing when I use it.
It is a hemp product.
I’m pro hemp products. We carry about a dozen tanning products with hemp at the salon. It does your skin good.

What it says on Amazon – Hemp2 10x Bronzer Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion W/ Hemp 9oz 10x bronzer – Ten times the darkest color Hemp seed oil – superb skin moisturizer Skin firming – Helps improve appearance of skin

2009 Hemp2 10x Bronzer Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion w/ Hemp 9oz
Good stuff!

Goodbye HNT

See ya
See you later
So long
Y’all come back now

My last HNT

Sad to see it it end,
but all things must pass.
Thank you for a fun time,
and happy last Half Nekkid Thursday!

Half naked for my last Half Nekkid Thursday

Check out who else got half Nekkid for the last time.

The Tree HNT

I decided to go all out and use click-throughs on my pictures for this HNT because Half Nekkid Thursdays are coming to a close.
I will be sad to see it go, but I understand why.
All good things come to an end they say.

I hope you like my TREE HNT.

My Christmas Tree HNT

Click me click me

Did you click me?
You better have clicked me.

I love this picture, I like how my hair frames my face and the way my back looks. What do you think? - Click me for a different picture.

Did you click that one?
I’m getting excited now. This is fun.
I should have done these click-through things the whole time.

One last Click!

I know if you clicked the first two you must have clicked this last one.

I can’t wait to see all your trees.

Happy HNT everyone!

Random cell phone pictures

live fast die pretty

Live Fast & Die Pretty

New T-Shirt

Yes my dog has a rain coat

My dog is ready for a rainy walk

You do dress your dog appropriately for the weather don’t you?

my horse

We have talked horses here before I think

We all need our exercise.


can't wait for strawberry season to come back around

Happy HNT!

fashion hnt


Sinfully sweet!

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