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Day Dreamers Hope

Posted on: March 6, 2011

Day Dreamers™ – Hope
Made by California Exotic Novelties®
Also called “Dreamy-G Mini G-Spot Vibrator” When shopping for vibes at Good Vibes.

Hope vibe

The Day Dreamers Hope

This dandy little vibe is part of the Day Dreamers™ line of low-cost, yet almost luxury seeming, pretty lavender vibrators made by California Exotic Novelties®.
They claim it is a “Whisper quiet massager with gyrating and vibrating action.”
I would say it is definitely on the quieter side, but not whisper quite, and I don’t get the “gyrating” part of the description at all. It has a wobble to it, but that’s about it.

Vibrations travel sweetly through the Hope vibe and don’t over buzz your hand.
It isn’t a power horse, but I wouldn’t say it is lacking either.
Twist the round knob on the end to adjust speed and you’re in business.
Unlike many small vibes the speed control on this is very smooth.

The feel of this vibe is great.
Silky smooth Velvet-Cote™ they call it.
I can’t really think how to describe it, but it is nice to touch both dry and when wet.

this little vibe fits in your hand

Just the perfect size

I like small vibrators.
As you can see this one is a great size.
Not so small you can’t get it to do its job and not so big it feels like you’re using some weird foot massager contraption to get off.

It is also light weight. They claim it is 2.5(oz)
It doesn’t get much added to it in the weight department from adding the single AA battery that it needs to do its wobble and vibrate trick. 

What the vibrator would look like with an eyeball on it

What do you think of my art skills? The eyeball gives it a whole new look I think.

The Hope vibe reminded me of some little guy in a book I used to have as a kid so I just couldn’t help myself and stuck an eyeball in it.
Takes some of the eroticism out of it I guess, but I thought it made him cute.

Overall I am liking this little vibe and it is just small enough that I am going to keep it for my pocket rocket collection.
I should probably mention that it is waterproof too so that means you can can use it in the bath, shower, hot tub, or lake if your brave.

You can get your own lavender little vibe at Good Vibes!

Pocket sized vibes rule!

Hope you like my new hair.

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