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Flash Fiction Friday

Posted on: March 18, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday – Erotic Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Friday Image for 18th March
(Source image: “I Am So Hidden” by China Hamilton)

I don my mask at night in my dreams.
I become someone else.
A woman of pleasure who sells her flesh.
He doesn’t know me in any way except for my body.
His hands caress my thighs and he lays me down on the silken sheets.
Cool and smooth against my back in contrast to the heat of his flesh.
For that night he loves me. For one moment I am all that matters.
Yet it is a dream.
I am no harlot.
Instead I don the mask in my waking life.
I am myself and my husband pays me no heed.
So long since I have mattered.
I dream of being the harlot.

This was a work of fiction written for Flash Fiction Friday, or FFF for short.
FFF is a weekly blog prompt, or writing exercise of an erotic nature.

Flash Fiction Friday!

Thanks for reading my attempt at writing erotica.
If you liked my flash fiction hit the like button for me or tweet my post or something like that.

Can’t believe my luck in having to post a picture of a girl with an ass like that right after my HNT yesterday was my bottom. (life is a bitch sometimes)


22 Responses to "Flash Fiction Friday"

Very nice take on this art but such a sad story. At least she has her dreams in which to escape.


oh, i loved this!! i really really really loved this.


i know, i ‘m repeating myself, but it was really moving, really good.


Wonderfully written. Happy FFF!

Woah. That was amazing. Just the kind of poetic prose that appeals to me.

xx Dee

Thank you Hedon, hope the sad didn’t bum you out.

Nilla , he he, thank you too!

TemptingSweets , thanks and happy FFF to you.

Curvaceos Dee, I appreciate that. Thank you.

The sad didn’t burn me out, but it was sad indeed. Sort of wistful sadness. But a great take, and the mask served as both physical object and metaphor in a wonderful way.

Thank you Lexi. Glad you liked it.

This is fantastic! realy. I finished reading and whispered to myself, “that was amazing” that doesn’t happen too often. To top it off, i had just finished talking to a friend of mine who feels like that in real life. The universe is in a talkative mode today. Excellent post. And thanks for dropping by to see my entry. I appreciate you comments.

Thank you very much advizor. I’m happy you liked it so much.
Sadly I have known more than one friend who felt like that in various ways.

Beautifully written, and so incredibly sad.

You have real talent – can’t wait to read more.

Thank you Red, I had fun with this so will probably be checking FFF each week and playing along when the pictures inspire me.

there is no way to comment on your HNT and I am not sure where your ‘like’ is …..soooo hey there! happy hnt and flash friday

Oh sweetie, your so full of talent.
What a heart touching story in just a tiny amount of words.

This is sad but so beautiful at the same time. The ending is wonderful “So long since I have mattered.
I dream of being the harlot.”

BFD, you have to click into the actual page to see the like button. I just learned that yesterday. lol, as for comments, I just turned them on. thank you and happy weekend to you.

Miranda, thank you. I’m going to remember you said that 😉

R, I’m glad you liked it. Thank you.

that touched me

hey pocket, you’re fucking hot! you should allow comments on your hnts 🙂


Thank you *blush*
I am maybe going to have comments on them.
So far I have had fun with the HNT thing.

What a great start! Yes, we are a lot feeling the same… you should definitely play along regularly.

Unable to leave a comment on your HNT, so came back here. Just Wow! You look gorgeous! More, please! 🙂

Thank you so much.
I will definitely be checking to see what is going on each week and if it inspires me.

Very nice. Poetry and a story. I admire those who can do just that. Thanks.

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