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Butterfly Kisses for me

Posted on: March 22, 2011

This fun pink vibrator is called the “Butterfly Kiss.”
It has a tiny pink butterfly on it that hits the clit just barely when you are using it so I guess the name is fine.
I really didn’t care about the butterfly part though at all.
It is the tip of this vibrator that made it fun for me. Bigger would have been better on the tip, but the thickness and length are perfect.

butterfly kiss vibrator in the mouth

You would do it too!


I like smaller vibrators more than I like large ones and usually I just use them for clit stimulation.
The internal orgasm is much harder to reach than a clit orgasm for me.

The shaft on the Butterfly Kiss is soft and wiggly so I couldn’t use it as a clit vibe.
Using it to probe turned out great though.
The butterfly did what I needed and the soft shaft felt great.
This is the first rabbit style vibrator I have ever really liked.
Usually rabbit vibes are to big for my preferences and to firm.
They feel bulky and uncomfortable. The soft bending of this little thing made it comfortably fit into all my tight places just the right way.

this vibrator is on my friends list

This small pink vibrator made my friends list.

I would recommend this fun pink vibrator to anyone who would like an insertable toy that primarily gets off on clit stimulation and doesn’t like extremely hard or large vibrators.
The part that is insertable is only three inches so no going deep with this one.
If you’re a power viber I would stay away though. I’d say the power is middle of the road.
Not to strong and not to soft. “Just right.”

It is a cheap toy too.
I know I’m supposed to say low-cost or affordable, but I am feeling a money crunch today and I am thinking of cheap as a good thing.

Cheap makes me recommend it more.
If it was expensive I would feel ripped off.
Being that it is low-cost and affordable I feel like I scored huge.
You can get one of these cool pink vibes at Good Vibes.

They do come in other colors too btw, but why would you want a different color if you can get it in pink?

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