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HNT # 3

Posted on: March 24, 2011

HNT # 3

third hnt picture

HNT # 3 For Me!

HNT stands for “Half-Nekkid Thursday”. It’s a celebration of exposure.

Allrighty then, once more into the fray.

If you like it just hit the like button or tweet me or something else of the sort.
I actually enjoy saying “tweet me” more than I used to like saying “google me.”
It sounds more mysterious. Naughty yet without knowing why.
Going to get myself a “tweet me” shirt.

I did open comments for the first time here with the HNT.
Be nice. 🙂

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21 Responses to "HNT # 3"

That’s a badass pic! I like it!

Happy HNT!

Thank you.
Happy HNT to you!

Yeah you rock! Love the “belt” by the way 😉

Thanks, I love the belt too. I will probably use it again. makes me feel like a bad ass.

Hott & getting hotter!
When you’re out of ammo, I have a gun u can use!
Happy HNT!

Is it a big gun or a small gun and how fast does it reload?

I would not have said that in RL btw. Internet gives me extra brave speech. lol

You look dangerous in a very sexy way. I’ve got a thing for femme fatales. Great shot! Happy HNT to you.

I am feeling mighty cool right now because the term “femme fatales” was used in reference to me!

Wow! That is incredibly hot.

Glad you opened things up here. I think you’ll find we all try to be nice!

Love these shots of you! You’ve grasped the HNT concept quite well!

Thank you Osbasso. I have been peeking at HNT a while, but my old blog was not a very adult crowd because I started it when I was 17.

YES! the floodgates are now open

i’m *SHOT* by lust

hhnt, beautiful

Liking my bullets?

Hooray for the ability to comment!

This is such a sexy shot (much like the previous ones). Strong, sassy and intensely sexy…

Thank you. I love being called “sassy.” lol

Super DUPER hot! Glad you opened comments 😉

Thank you so very much

Soooo very Sexy…

wondering why I didn’t notice this last week… fantastic picture

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