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Flash Fiction Friday

Posted on: March 25, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday is a writing challenge based on an image. This week’s challenge was 119-187 words plus the phrase “kissed by the sun.”

Flash Fiction Friday

(Source image: “Casablanca” by TC Reiner)

Flash Fiction Friday!

It wouldn’t be long until it was over.
Not long at all until he came home and I would go back to playing the good wife.
Just three more days of freedom. Three more days of dancing and singing. Three more days of loving without commitments.
His tour was over and mine was to begin once again.
For three days I will live as I wish.
I shall play and spin with the music. I will let my eyes be dazzled by starlight in the night and my skin be kissed by the sun throughout the beautiful day.
I shall feel joy for three more days.


14 Responses to "Flash Fiction Friday"

oh wow.

this one is so so so sogood.

poignant, heartfelt…you capture an entire story in so few words…

beautifully done.

happy FFF,


Thank you.
I’m glad you like it.

An interesting take. 🙂 One of those fantasies that we can all imagine taking part in. BTDT a time or two myself. 🙂

I imagine many have BTDT when it comes to this scenario.
Wasn’t sure I had gotten across what I was thinking with the short amount of words.

Make the most of your three days!

Nice take. Happy FFF!

Thank you max.
I try and make the most of every day 🙂

This would work even without the cheating aspect of things; she’s obviously starved for more than just commitment-free sex. You’ve captured something of that desire, and in a way that almost makes me hear the clock slowly, inevitably ticking down to doomsday. Very nice.

Thanks Lexi.
I think I used the cheating rout because I often think of people as cheaters. I see it so much and wish people could be more free and less controlling.

I agree with Lexi, but the cheating aspect works for me too, that longing to be free, or to be free within the space where we live. If her husband allowed her the freedom she needed, she wouldn’t be on the boat in the first place.

I love the emotional content captured in so few words.

Thank you. The positive feedback is very appreciated.
The thing is though – How many husbands do allow their wives much freedom at all?

This is beautiful and sweetly sad.

Most beautiful things have a little bit of sad to balance the happy I think.

I think she must have enjoyed her three days. I enjoyed your story very much!

Thank you, it is in my mind that she enjoyed her three days fully.

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