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HNT # 4

Posted on: March 31, 2011

HNT # 4

HNT # 4

I know it isn’t as sexy as my last 3 Thursdays, but I just love these tights and wanted a reason to show them off.
To make up for it I tried to get artistic with my photo background.
This one I liked and thought looked cool.

Besides my leggings I had wanted to show my cotton candy hairdo.
Extra picture!
background turned out horrible đŸ˜¦

How you like my hair?
Clicky me!

Be sure to check out all the other people playing along.

Poke my like button. It makes me happy!
Does anybody know what the like this post button actually does?


17 Responses to "HNT # 4"

Nothing wrong with those tights… love the colorful composition đŸ˜‰

Something funny is they are from the Hannah Montana collection :p

Mine are from the Robin Hood collection… or was it Batman… I forget đŸ˜‰

Love the hair, but did you know your tights have holes in them? đŸ˜›

Pre-cut holes even. Didn’t even have to take my scissors to them.

i LOVE cotton candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me too. I don’t like the yellow cotton candy though.

Those are some great tights… LOVE the hair!!!

Thank you.
Back combing and more back combing makes for big poofy hair!

Love the tights! And I like the background, too. đŸ™‚

Thank you.
Must admit though that I messed up the background on the second picture awfully.

I’m also loving the tights and hair in these spunky shots…

Thank you. If only I could figure out how to get back-lighting like you do my hair would glow I think when I make it this full.

Since it’s my first HNT, I went back through your previous Thursdays as well… you are incredibly creative! What a fun blog!

Well thank you. It was the hair that made you call me creative? lol
Just kidding.
I do like fun.

i love your creative style!

lol, thank you. I know it’s the hair now ;D

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