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HNT # 5

Posted on: April 7, 2011

HNT with attitude

Grrr, I bite!


These next two many of you already saw last week because I played mystery guest, but since I had them ready to go I decided to post them anyway.

Used thumbnails because I thought that only some of you would wish a second peek.

HNT my Tumbly
My Tumbly

Half Nekkid Thursday  is a celebration of exposure.
Want to play along? Just click the button below to read the guidelines.

It’s kinda funny for me to post a picture of my bottom with the rest of me not showing.

I have never really looked at just my bottom by itself without more of my body showing.

This picture almost didn’t get posted, but I decided to give it a go because I would have felt chicken if I didn’t.

So… “Bottoms up!”

This is my naked bottom

My Bottom!


12 Responses to "HNT # 5"

Heh. I rarely show my bottom, but things change… I loved your MG pics and glad to see more of you. I wanna have fun with my hair like you… If only I could thanks for stopping by and commenting. HHNT!

Thank you, doing the MG thing was super fun. My hair is just part of me. I have been messing with it since before i was even in my teens.

lol @ Bottoms up! Lovely pictures once again Pocket… Happy HNT!

Thank you much 🙂
I know I’m a day late on comments, but happy HNT to you also.

Your hair reminds me of fireworks on the Fourth of July (kinda weird, right, but that’s what I see ;)). And, seriously, I wish I had such a “hot ass”! Happy HNT!

Thank you for the “hot ass” description. lol
I have actually had red, white, and blue hair for the 4th before.

Hon, your bottom is as wonderful as your smile!

Since you said you liked my smile so much I am liking that comment. 😉

Ooh… Cheeky, playful and so gorgeously sexy…

I almost didn’t catch that.

Ah, I missed HNT the week you were mystery guest – you are a real cutie! Your lashes are out of this world! Ha, love your style, really do 🙂

Happy HNT babe!

Thank you Eden. I missed my HNT this week. Haven’t had any spare time. 😦

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