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Flash Fiction Friday

Posted on: April 15, 2011

(Source image: “White Drape” by Ricardo “r/ace” Acevedo)

Flash Fiction Friday, or FFF for short, is a weekly blog prompt /writing exercise.

The challenge for this Friday was to use the picture above to write a flash fiction of 60-160 words and include the phrase “…the gathering dark…”

Flash Fiction Friday!

Here is mine…

It was the perfect kiss, so full of love and promises.
Stars danced like in fairy tales and the very ground tilted as dreams of princes and happily ever after filled the mind.
The past was no more, the future was perfection.

A kiss can say so much.

In the gathering dark a once naïve dreamer plots revenge with a murderous heart.

It was a kiss of lies proving only that fairy tales don’t come true, hearts are meant to break, and bitterness ever after is what awaits the foolish dreamer.


16 Responses to "Flash Fiction Friday"

*Grieg’s Morning Mood plays happily in the background; she hums along as she reads*
La la la la la la la…
*record scratches to a halt*

You pulled a 180 so hard that I think my stomach is still back on the interstate. And what a 180. Damn girl, it’s too early in the morning for something this brutally good.

Thank you so much Lexi!
I had trouble keeping the word count down while trying to say what I was feeling.

Fantasies and fanciful desires are so often dreams unfulfilled, gossamer, disappointments. An abrupt about face indeed, nicely done.

Thank you David. In real life isn’t it often an abrupt change? Or if not an abrupt change , it is an abrupt realization of what is truth.

somebody’s gonna get it… *hides*
creepy and awesome right outta nowhere

No need to hide. Your not the guilty one. lol

Wow! This is a good read, indeed. “Brutally good”, as Lexi stated above. Happy FFF!

I’m glad you enjoyed it, and happy FFF to you also.
I missed last weeks FFF and was bummed because the image was really cool.

This was great! You have some serious potential here and I look forward to browsing through the backlogs of your blog to see what else lurks here 🙂

My backlogs don’t go back very far. I am exploring a new frontier with this blog. lol.
Glad you enjoyed my flash fiction.

Oooh, i love it because fairy tales suck and revenge is hot.

And, if you liked last weeks image, use it!!! It’s never too late!

Fairy tales do suck because it is NEVER really like that.
Revenge however… muhahahaha

Very sweet and nicely written.

If a murderous heart is taken as sweet I’d hate to piss you off. lol

I liked the way you channeled the inner bitch in that pic. 🙂

Isn’t it funny that some men don’t realize all women have that “inner bitch” inside just waiting to pop up when needed?

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