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Naughty Dice and Duck Farts

Posted on: April 16, 2011

So I snagged these dice after a party.
I didn’t actually steal them, I earned them!

Room of 8 people. 6 girls and two guys plus duck farts and some naughty dice.

It was duck fart night.
If you don’t know what a duck fart is I will tell you how to make one.
Pour 1 shot of Kahlua
Pour 1 shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream on top of the Kahlua
Top with just a float of Crown Royal
Drink, enjoy and repeat! Yum!

These dice I think are made for up to 4 people.
Basically you have 4 colored dice with body parts on them and one dice with an action.
Since we had 8 people we double up as teams and took turns rolling.
I think having teams made us braver , but in the beginning I was the biggest wussy.
That didn’t last long though because we had a rule that if you wussed you had to shoot a duck fart.
Because I was the biggest wuss I ended up being the most wasted the fastest.

These are fun dice and way better than any other sexy dice I have played with

 When playing a sex game the most drunk person often ends up being the most naughty.
I lived up to that and definitely wasn’t the wussy of the night.
Now you know why I said that I earned these dice.

(video evidence has been destroyed!)

fun naughty dice game

Naughty or nice, these are the dice!

I have had people try to play sex dice games with me before and didn’t like it.
Usually it is two naughty dice that you roll together and you need an extra dice or you take turns or some other thing … boring.

These naughty dice are fun though.
Or at least if you are shooting duck farts they are fun.
You each get a dice and it is yours. It made it seem like a real game.
I had fun.
I recommend these dice as a great party game along with your favorite mixture of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua, and Crown Royal.

Since i didn’t actually buy these or get them sent from anybody I had no idea what these naughty dice were called.
I looked at 5 different online stores before I found them. (All the stores have the 2 stupid dice I mentioned earlier)
I eventually found them at GoodVibes.
Turns out they are called “Risque Rollers Dice.”

Get ready to tickle, kiss, lick, suck, stroke or blow on the face, lips, back, chest, inner thighs and penis or clit of your fellow party people.
Get your own Risque Rollers Dice from Goodvibes. Just search for Risque Rollers on their site. They are available in both English and Spanish!
Or search for ‘sex dice’ and you will find a few other cool ideas besides these.
Sweet ass rings like you see on my hands are sold separately. lol

6 Responses to "Naughty Dice and Duck Farts"

Sounds like fun! 🙂

Certainly falls into the fun category.

Love the post, your rings, your nails, and naughty dice. 🙂

Thank you , I have a zillion crazy rings. (maybe a hundred or so really) I love rings. The dice fun was great, we are talking about doing it again soon.

Great idea! But what if you’re playing with gay guys only? Any dice for that? Lips, Face, Inner Thighs all work…as well as Penis…but what should we substitute for the clit? 😉

Well, they didn’t have anus on the dice. lol
Of course some people have a thing for ears. That could work as well.

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