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HNT # 6 (Hair)

Posted on: April 21, 2011

I know you all thought my fabulously fun hair was just a natural phenomenon.
Something I was born with, something to make me stand out in the world.

HNT Hair picture

Sorry to let you all down, but the truth is that I actually spend a lot of time on my hair.
I even run around in rollers of various sorts for up to three hours a day on some days when I want certain looks.

Rollers are sexy I know.
So, I thought I would share them with you all.

HNT Hair 2

Hope I haven’t blown my reputation by letting you all know that may hair isn’t natural.

My eyelashes though – they are natural *wink*

I had a sexy pic ready for this week, but wasn’t in the mood. I thought rollers and face cream would be better. What is more stereotypical of being un-sexy than that?
Then I decided the face cream was overdoing it.
On of the things I like about Half Nekkid Thursday is that it isn’t a booty call. It is more expressive than just showing my ass or whatever. I like not knowing what i will find when I visit the participants. I was drawn into participating for that very reason.
Next week I may post a picture of myself with face cream. Maybe I will be daring and show off my ass. I took a close up of my pink I thought about posting. Maybe I could post a close up of my ear instead?
It’s all fun and I like that it can fit my mood.
I like wondering the moods of the other people who play along when I look at their pictures.

Happy HNT
Visit the site of Osbasso and see all the other people who played along.

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21 Responses to "HNT # 6 (Hair)"

Uh, yeah, this is disappointing. I hope at least your hair color is natural. That would be an even bigger let down. ;(

Happy HNT!

Me dye my hair?

Haha! Your hair rocks! I’ve always toyed around with coloured extensions but have never had the courage to actually dye mine. I like the colours in this a lot and yeah, I find the roller shot kind of endearing. Great HNT – you’re doing some fine shots!

Happy HNT, pocket rockettz!

Thanks Eden, to be honest I like the roller look a bit myself.
I’m backwards from most I guess. My hair is always dyed and always changing, then I use wigs that are of natural tones when I want to blend into the scenery.

Ooh, I love these fun, retro, roller shots. I suspect there aren’t many who can make rollers look so cool…

Guess they are a bit retro considering how most people do hair these days. I do a real beehive at least once a month too. How is that for retro?

The curlers are kinda fun as long as you are not sleeping on them-ouch! HHNT!

I never sleep in curlers. Way uncomfortable.

These shots made me smile big time! It is reminding me of the old movie Grease and the girly overnight party (singing “Look at me! I’m Sandra D!”).

Very fun HNT!

That is one of my favorite scenes of all time in any movie.

Love the shots! Also love the fact that you’ve grasped the true concept of HNT!

Thank you Osbasso. HNT is great fun.

Haha….yeah. Your hair totally rocks! I have always thought what matters most is that your hair *looks* like you haven’t just spent half a day on it 😉


lol, sometimes I spend a whole day on it.

i vote for the ear…


One vote for the ear. I am taking count.

I didn’t know people stilled rollers anymore?

I am a hairdresser and I actually do sets (with rollers) almost every day on my clients.
They are coming back!

I’m voting for the ear too. 😉

two votes for the ear.
I didn’t expect my ear to be so sought after.

Your hair rocks!

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