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HNT # 7 ~ by request

Posted on: April 28, 2011

If you are not into ears you can blame this one on the eternal list and Miranda of RSTR because they are the ones who spoke out last week in favor of the ear.
If ears are you thing though, W0ot w0Ot! 🙂

my ear

As requested - My ear!

Would someone please post that I am up here for me.
I have tried with name + URL and with open ID. It keeps saying I need to sign in with a google account. I don’t have a google account. Don’t use google or blogger, and I have tried over and over. 😦

update – I have tried to post on other blogger sites. Same thing. “Sign in with google.”  Freaking google wants to own my soul and record my every breath I think.

So, not only can’t I post I am up. I can’t leave comments on your posts. Tried with 2 different computers and an on a phone. “grrrr!”

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7 Responses to "HNT # 7 ~ by request"

I can’t say I normally appreciate ears more than for their functional element… But yours are nice and the earrings are cute… though buttons really creep me out for some reason (repressed childhood memories I assume)… So maybe I am only being nice because I still like the hair so much. Either way. It’s more analysis than I intended when I started this comment.

I made these earrings. Buttons off a shirt.
Liked them so much I have made a few sets, but these are the ones I always use. I like the blue.

Cute cute cute! Love the earrings, of course 🙂

lol… no button issues?

Taking requests??? My mind wanders… 😉

That was last week. :p

Blogging outside of WordPress can be tough, right?

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