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HNT – Pony time!

Posted on: May 5, 2011

I know the picture sucks. Cell phones are great and all, but sometimes they really don’t capture things right.

No click through on this, sorry.

Fresh and stinging.
More to come!

Can you tell what body part?

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13 Responses to "HNT – Pony time!"

Oh, so this is a new tat?! Goodness, you are brave! I can do piercings but that’s about it! It’s retro cool though and very well done. My Little Pony brings back a lot of fond memories for me so this pic wins extra bonus points from me!!! 🙂

Also – I hope I don’t sound thick – but is this on your upper back?

Love my ponies. 🙂
I have a huge collection of them from way back and still pick up interesting ones whenever I see them.

Not the back 😉

OK, I’m also gonna have a stab at a second guess: it’s a chest tat (just above your boobs and it mirrors the other pony). If so, that’s very brave to have that done right on the ribs! Reminds me of those outrageous modern pin-up girls 🙂

Yes on the chest. Getting mirror images as far as placement, but different ponies.

Aww…love it! Fresh ink is *awesome*!


Thanks, I love it.
I will update with the whole thing in a couple weeks.

now THAT’S some magical ink!!!


We all need magic in our lives!

Ooh, cute ink!

I am all about cute. My collection is growing.
Tattoos and ponies. lol

My Little Pony! I’d recognize her anywhere. That is her, right? lol

Yep, except I made this one up. She isn’t one of the actual characters.

Nice little pony you have there!

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