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Flash Fiction Friday (unheard and unheeded)

Posted on: May 6, 2011

(Source image: "Bedtime Reading" by Valery Bareta)

I couldn’t help it. I had no choice.
The man in the book was described so perfectly. Why couldn’t I find a man like that in the real world.
Tall, strong, chiseled, and always saying exactly the right things.
My men always say the wrong things. They are lazy, and leave me unfulfilled.
For now I will let him be real in my mind’s eye.
He will love me and take me in the ways I always dream of.
My sighs will be his, and my passions are of his creation.
He holds me down with his strong arms and takes me with confidence.
He looks at me like nothing else exists in the entire world as his passion builds.
Only when I have found my moment does he find his.
His thrusts stop as he pushes deep inside and I feel the warmth of his release.

I beg for his image to not fade from my mind after I cum.
My mental cry goes unheard and unheeded.
Never will I lay next to my dream man in the afterglow, because after I cum the real world returns.
The beautiful visions become thoughts of laundry and bills to pay.
What time is it? I need to get ready for work.

Flash Fiction Friday!

The challenge for this Friday, 5-8-11, is to use the picture above to write a flash fiction of 160-185 words. The required phrase was “unheard and unheeded.”


12 Responses to "Flash Fiction Friday (unheard and unheeded)"

Now I feel ashamed on behalf of all men for the ones you’ve had to deal with. No decent guy should ever leave the lady unfulfilled. Particularly not when she’s as hot as you. 🙂

Bittersweet, but still well written. Thanks for joining us this week!

— PB

Thank you.

A little quote from the movie Vanilla Sky…
“Because without the bitter, baby, the sweet ain’t as sweet.”

If you find the hidden land of men like that, you are duty-bound to tell your readers 😉 I love your description, but I think best of all is your last paragraph; I’ve had the same thing happen to me on too many occasions. The solution, I’ve found, is to put all that stuff off and try for two 😉

Once those thoughts creep into the mind they are very hard to put off.

What a template for the perfect man. Sigh… Maybe Dr. Frankenstein had the right idea, and build to order. 🙂 I enjoyed a look into her mind as she read. Lovely.

When they can design them to order I will be first on the list to buy a lover monster.

Sometimes a fantasy is best to remain a fantasy… but sometimes, it’s all you need. 🙂

That reminds me of song lyrics for some reason, but I can’t place it.

I am here for ya pocket. Lol


It is strange how our thinking changes at the moment of release. Years ago, over lunch, I asked a friend when she knew she needed to break up with her boyfriend. She answered, “Right after”, and asked what that meant, and she said she knew with complete clarity what had to happen in the 1 minute after she came. She said, “Even as he was coming inside me I knew I had to leave.”

That clarity of thought, that crash back to reality, is a powerfully instructive moment. I love your take on this piece.

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