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A frisky kitty pocket rocket

Posted on: May 15, 2011

This is cute.
It was given to me by a friend because they said “This little guy was made for you.”
What do you think? Does it fit my personality?

Frisky kitty vibrator pocket rocket

Ain't it cute?

This pocket rocket is part of an entire line of cute little vibes called bzzz buddies.
They have lots of other cute ones, but truly this one looks like it was designed with me in mind.
Its a kitty, its pink, its my favorite style of vibrator, and it even comes with a cute story about being a curious kitty that likes to explore and loves warm places.
That is me to a T!

I didn’t take a picture of the attachments because I could really care less about them, but it comes with a few.
I like it as is though.
I rarely like attachments on pocket rocket vibes because they are a hassle and I lose them.
For me it is all about just buzzing my bud till I quiver.

Besides being so cute this is just your average pocket rocket. Nothing special about it at all.
That is fine with me because that is exactly why I love pocket rockets so much.
They are the perfect vibrator.
Tiny, powerful, low-cost, and they last forever.
I have used this one in my car, at work, in the bath, and of course in bed.

All the cute Bzzz Buddies pocket rocket vibrators have names.
This one is named Frisky.
Even the name is perfect for me.
So fun!

meow meow meow says this pocket rocket

meow meow meow

I am told this Frisky Kitty was from Good Vibes.
I went and looked. Found they carry two of the Bzzz buddies lineup.
On the official bzzz buddies site  it looks like they currently have 4 models available out of a bunch planned, but I can’t tell for sure. It is a cute site, but you can’t buy stuff there.
Good Vibes has Frisky the kitty though, and that is the most cute of them in my opinion.
Of course that could just be because Frisky looks like it was made personally for me.

9 Responses to "A frisky kitty pocket rocket"

It’s most definitely you!

I know!
Its seriously as if they made it special for me. 😀

you r SOOO friggen cute! Raven

and you are SOOO friggen sexy!

Thank you Raven.

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Looks like a match made in Heaven!

I thought I would send you this info for fun. I have a friend who thinks that guys should try out some “toys” that were not made for guys originally. I have often complained that the industry doesn’t make enough for us. Usually the same old “crotch in a box”. She seems to think that guys willing to explore more would benefit from it. She gave me a Bzzz Buddy this past Christmas. I wear black all the time and she didn’t want me getting all weirded out by the color so she got me PANDY the black one. If you read his story he even says “ I am the only bear in the whole forest who can play with the CATERPILLARS and take a nap on FLOWER PETALS.” I let Pandy play with MY caterpillar and HOLY BIG “O” Batman!!!!!!!! It was awesome. I never thought I could orgasm so intense. Guys usually have two methods: JERK and STROKE, depending on the use of lube or not. I didn’t use either. I know where my “spot” is and how to work around it and make everything last so much longer. I agree with you about the attachments. Guys may want to just go directly with the triple buds. This product is awesome and EVERYONE should play with them. I think I hear a panda bear callin’ me! LATER! (Feel free to share this info, I don’t mind!)

I have seen the Pandy vibe. He is cute.

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