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Pocket RockettZ on pocket rockets HNT

Posted on: May 19, 2011

Here I am
And you’re a Rocket Queen
I might be a little young
But honey I ain’t naïve
Here I am
And you’re a Rocket Queen, oh yeah
I might be too much
But honey you’re a bit obscene

pocket rocket vibe and my tummy

Rocket Queen

I’ve seen everything imaginable
Pass before these eyes
I’ve had everything that’s tangible
Honey you’d be surprised
I’m a sexual innuendo
In this burned out paradise
If you turn me on to anything
You better turn me on tonight

Pocket rocket vibrator in silver
Pocket Rockets Rock

Happy HNT
Clicky the button to find out about
half nekkid thursday

I am the Rocket Queen.

I became addicted to this exact style of vibrator the first time I got ahold of one.
They are simple and powerful. They are easy to clean and last forever.
These great little buzzing beauties take regular batteries and don’t suck up the battery life to fast.
Small enough to go anyplace, but not so small it is hard to hold onto.
In short, what we have here is the perfect clitty vibe.
On a budget?
I have bought pocket rockets of this type for under $10 many times.
Want luxury?
I have seen them in gold with real jewels.
Need silence? Most of them in the mid priced range can hardly be heard.
Want to play in water? They are usually waterproof once you crack the $20 price range.
Do I love these vibes? I do!

I always have one with me. I never leave home without a pocket rocket.
I am the Rocket Queen!

The pocket rocket vibe I am showing off is a lower cost, hard plastic model made by Doc Johnson Enterprises.
It is waterproof, has a single speed dial to turn it on and off at the base, and is shiny.
I like shiny things. They make me feel sexy.
This vibe takes just 1 AA battery, and has lasted a full two months for me on the last battery.
That is a lot of use in my hands because as I mentioned, I’m addicted to these things.
This little guy gets used daily.
To be honest I am not exactly sure where this puppy came from, but I went looking around and decided to point you towards the Pocket Rockets on Amazon They have a great selection ranging in price from super low to mid level and they even have the Bzzz Buddies pocket vibes. Fun!

30 Responses to "Pocket RockettZ on pocket rockets HNT"

Cute indeed, both the rocket and the queen 🙂 and, indeed, the verse. Now, what could I possibly do with such a devise 🙂

They feel fab on many a spot. I’m betting you would find a use for one. 🙂

You’ve certainly put a buzzzz into my night. Love the gorgeous tum… 😉

Super cute.

Thank you… ya don’t win friends with salad.

(visit Molls blog if that comments confuses)

can you demo the pocket rocket vibe

please pretty please i will bring the battery

beautiful pictures

Lol… I am trying to stay R rated, not XXX.
Thank you wayne.

G’n’F’n’R!!!! A fellow fan! Or just perhaps the words worked to your advantage 😉

Seriously sexy shots, and damn yes you are a little pocket rocket!!

Ha ha, thank you JM.
Fellow fan plus the words fit.

And it works so well as an accessory! 😉

I think so.
Its eye catching to say the least.

ah, thinking back to the days when guns ‘n’ roses were kings, that was a LONG LONG time ago

your tummy is tight (both meanings)

When the held the spot of kings I was to little to know them. Lucky for me though, enough people loved them that the music never died out, and most likely never will.

Those pictures have sold me on how great they are.
But I suspect it is the sexy woman modeling with it. 🙂
Happy HNT!

Ha ha ha, Thanks Emmy.
I really do recommend that anybody who enjoys a little Jill-off time have at least one tiny vibe.
It is just so fun fun to sneak in a quick one.

Oh yeah..um…ok….YUM!!! You have an amazing stomach! Love those pics.

And I’m with you on the pocket rockets!


Because pocket rockets are fun!

Thanks about the tummy.
Things like that inspire me to keep up my yoga and jazzercise.

Very sexy picture. Absolutely luscious tummy.

Thank you much Jim.

Hmmm, thanks for the tip, sexy!

I’ve been into a little bullet vibrator myself, lately. I do hate that they take watch batteries though!

I like bullets too, but the watch battery thing (or cords) and that they are not so easy to hold sometimes when slippery keeps them off my faves list usually.
(Note I said usually) Have a couple bullet vibes I just love.

Sexy pictures! Happy HNT!

Thank you Viemoira

gorgeous photo! I’ll have to check the pocket rocket out, I’m addicted to my Hitachi but something smaller would be nice. HHNT

The big wand vibrators are mighty addicting too.
They just don’t travel so well. lol

Grrr- love that belly!! Mr. Smith

Thank you Mr. Smith.
Like to get “grrr” as a response, as long as it’s a good grrr that is. lol

Speaking as a man, let me just say, “Damn you, technology!”

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