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Flash Fiction Friday – Overdrive

Posted on: May 20, 2011

FFF – This weeks challenge is to use the image below along with the phrase “…heavy in the air…” to write a flash fiction between 100-220 words.

Flash Fiction Friday!
(Source image: “C.L.U.M.B.A. and Maria in Hong Kong” by Igor Vasiliadis)

It’s three in the morning already and I still can’t sleep.
My eyes sting from sweat while what seems like millions of half compleated thoughts swim through my mind.
I’m dizzy, brain is spinning, there is nothing on tv except crap.
Why am I watching this horrible asian gangster movie with subtitles?
That is what is happening.
I am going insane.
What’s this?
Oh she is gorgeous.
I want her.
No… I want to be her.
So gorgeous.
It would be heavy in the air.
Oh, her skin is smooth.
My skin…
I’m cumming.
Yes… Ooo
Hmm, maybe I can sleep now.


11 Responses to "Flash Fiction Friday – Overdrive"

that was good! I kind of “rode the wave” with her.
Good job!

Thank you.
I had no idea what to write, but was tired and the scene made me a bit horny, so I kinda went with it if you know what I am saying.

I have so been there. Maybe not Asian gangster movie, but Chinese soap opera only subtitled in Chinese. Wonderful expression of insomnia, arousal, orgasm, and all of it.

Thanks Lexi. I was actually in the middle of such a moment, but looking at the picture instead of a late night movie.

Love it. I don’t quite have the same thoughts in my head when watching some crap tv in the middle of the night though. 🙂

Truly can get you in a sleepy mood. Give it a try. 😉

I loved it. And yes, I think we all get so tired/drunk/blitzed at some point that we do just sit there and stare at the damned TV and watch anything. LOL!


Someday I will learn to not waste the hours of my life in front of a TV.


Very different take…great rambling of thoughts. I liked it.

Thanks Katia.
If my brain is good for anything it is rambling thoughts.
No control whatsoever.

Excellent work! You could have crashed and burned easily with that one, but you knocked it out of the park!

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