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HNT – Pony time 2

Posted on: May 26, 2011

I showed off a bit of this a while ago, but that wasn’t a current picture.
It was cell phone picture I had saved on my phone.
This has actually taken me a while to get because tattoos are EXPENSIVE if you want them done well.
This was actually started with Christmas money. I had it done in 5 sessions. Yes it hurt.
Keeping my not finished work hidden from the camera as I played around with HNT and reviews has been tough.
I did plan though and had a bunch of pictures done just before I killed my old blog and started this one.
Besides that I just focused on my tummy, butt, and face.
Tattoo is 100% complete now so I need not hide it.

Happy HNT!


20 Responses to "HNT – Pony time 2"


yeah, ink is expensive, but you must make sure it’s done right, huh? permanence…scary…

Thank you.
It certainly is expensive, but well worth it if you find a great artist that can do what you want.


such a great picture

great TAT


Thank you Wayne. Glad you like. 🙂

Oh, that’s great!

And well done on keeping it all covered all this time!

It is even better.
I also have a tattoo on my back, my butt, both calves, and my foot I have been trying to avoid showing until this one was all the way finished.

Ooh, I love your gorgeously playful ink. Being something of a girlie girl when it comes to pain, I admire your threshold!

I’m not all that tough. That is another reason I did it in sessions. Gets ouchy after a while.

Love the artwork. Makes me want another tattoo…

They are addicting to be sure.

Oh nice. My own #HNT was rather prickly!

I’m guessing no blood was involved though. lol

Very nice ink, I think your the perfect canvas for this work of art.

Thank you Jack. My artist has given me similar compliments. lol

Turned out great!!!


Thank you Vixen.
I actually feel pretty lucky in my tattoo / artist choices.
I have friends who through lack of contemplation and research have ended up with things that really didn’t look very good.

It’s awesome! And I know someone who’d kill to get a tattoo like that 😉

Everyone loves my little ponies! 😀

I love my ink as well….. but mine is nowhere near as colorful as yours 🙂

cute tummy btw

Thanks. I am really into colorful stuff. Been told I put a rainbow to shame with all my colorful craziness. lol

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