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FFF changeling

Posted on: June 3, 2011

The changeling hissed as I taunted her with desire.
For three nights I had kept her chained.
My patience had worn thin, and I had almost given up hope that I could prove she wasn’t human.
Finally it seemed she had reached her breaking point.
Without passion these demons of hell starve.
My taunting had made her hungry.
Her true form would set her free and allow her to feed on blood instead of sex and lust.
I await the change.
Soon I will know.
Then I will die.

(Source image submitted by Sephani Paige, source unknown)
The challenge for this Friday, 6-3-11, was to use the picture above to write a flash fiction of 110-118 words with the required phrase “…the breaking point…”

Flash Fiction Friday!

8 Responses to "FFF changeling"

Well he certainly wanted to know, didn’t he? If that’s the price, I think I might let her go on pretending, particularly since feeding on sex and lust sounds like it’d be more fun 😉 Very nice this week, much better than mine.

I was much more impressed with yours.

As for my foolish character giving up a lusty beauty…
People have an unstoppable desire to know things I think.
A need to see what is on the other side. Even if it is something they should have done without.

What a heavy price to pay to find out. Perhaps, it is worth it. 😉

I doubt it, but find out he did. lol

Ooooh, interesting take. Could prove fatal though for him… Teasing things never works out as planed. Especially if they have teeth.

That one certainly has teeth.
Sharp ones.

Don’t all women though?
Remember that guys.

I like your blog and I’m leaving a comment so I can get new post notifications via email.

Thank you, I have been traveling a bit, but am back now so posts will be happening again.

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