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RSTR – Big ass list of toy reviews

Posted on: June 3, 2011

The monthly shebang!  Is that really a word? It is.
I looked it up.
she·bang (sh-bng)
n. Slang
A situation, organization, contrivance, or set of facts or things:

I also found this.
shebang – May come from an Irish name for a speakeasy—shebeen—so the “whole shebeen” was the whole drinking establishment; shebang also first meant “hut, shed, dwelling.”

I don’t believe it though.

It is kinda a magical sounding word like ellacadabra, but when you look at it you know it comes from a lusty thought way back in time.

Back on topic– did I have a topic?
Sex toy reviews by real reviewers who take the time to include photos or video along with actual opinions of the products they are reviewing.

Big monthly list of sex toy reviews and reviewers

The BIG LIST was published yesterday on RSTR.
All kinds of kick ass reviews of sexy fun stuff from people like me.
Check it out!


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