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Nose HNT

Posted on: June 9, 2011

Feeling goofy.

the nose knows hnt

One fake nose.
One picture taken by a friend with a camera phone.
One text sending it to me.
Ten minutes of messing with it on a laptop to make it look cool.
Not missing this weeks HNT because I didn’t have anything ready = Priceless.

I know that isn’t much of a story, but I really didn’t have time to get anything ready this week.
The nose had a mustache too, but I didn’t think a girl who works in a salon and has a wax pot available whenever needed should be sporting such a hairy lip.


14 Responses to "Nose HNT"

Ah, the things we do for HNT! 😉

I think I’d have liked to have seen the mustache, though!

I really don’t think sporting a mustache is my style.
Mabe another time I will try it.

I love the hair.

I was going fr a natural look.

I know a good plastic surgeon.

Is he cheap? I’m kinda strapped for cash.

the nose knows…that this hnt will win the week!


If I win, what is the prize?

very cool picture

sometimes you need to let go and go with the flow

enjoy the moment be yourself

So your saying this look works for me? lol

Hehe…. love it.

Think I’m going to stick with my own nose from now on.

LOL- you even look cute with a huge nose! Love the hair! 🙂

I’m not sure how cute I look with the big nose, but I will take your word on it 😉

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