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Posted on: July 6, 2011

Just can’t catch up at work it seems.
Can’t a girl get a break?
I actually need the money. Shouldn’t be complaining.
Had no time to take pictures, but here are a couple from my trip.

skate crash

Falling down is all part of the game.

I got some skate time in as you can see.
I’m not really a skater, but I have friends who are and that makes me end up around the scene a bit.

after hours fun

Having fun in the after hours

Worry not, I had lots of night fun too.
House parties and club style.
It was a fun week.
This is one of those self shot phone pics if you didn’t guess.

Happy HNT!


9 Responses to "Tripp’n"

Looks like a trippy Alice in Wonderland scene! Falling down the Rabbit Hole………..

It does.
Maybe it was a subconscious sequel to my Through the looking glass HNT

I like seeing the tattoo in a ‘normal’ setting! Looks great!

And welcome back! (hate it when work gets in the way of personal time!)

Thanks so much. I hate it too.
Daydream about being born rich and lazy all the time, but it doesn’t seem to help.

I love the color of your hair. Super fab.

Thanks Molls. I have had three different hair color combos in as many weeks. I’m changing again Tuesday too. I’m a hair chameleon.
Pinks, fuschias, and violet tones are usually my favorite.

cute pictures

you are one sexy lady

Thank you wayne, and thank you for always leaving comments too.
Lets me know people are actually checking out my posts and I am not posting into the void.

Looks like lots of fun! You probably can make it fun anywhere though. 😉

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