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Lake HNT

Posted on: July 27, 2011

Managed to get some free time this last weekend and because of the heat I thought the lake was a good place to go.

Shade, water, friends and fun.

at the lake bikini hnt

and, my schedule is finally turning normal again so I won’t neglect my blog again for a while.

Happy HNT



27 Responses to "Lake HNT"

So cute. I love that bathing suit!

Thank you, me too, it is one of my favorites.

Great pose

I can’t help myself. I think I watched that Madonna Vogue video too much as a kid.
Camera pops out and i strike a pose. lol

So many crazy colors!

Life is like a rainbow.
Or at least I wish it was.

You’re so gorgeous…

Thank you so much.
I think I shall say “wow” just one more time in response to your picture. đŸ˜‰

Great fun sexy pic xxx

Thank you đŸ˜€

Good lord, you’re just freakin’ cute!

I’m hoping “Freakin'” in a good way. lol

Your HNT’s are always extremely colorful and different… I like it… a lot!

Thank you. I’m glad I come off as colorful.

well hello, pretty lady

i bow to you, Jungle Queen (or Lake Queen) đŸ˜‰

Jungle Queen sounds more sexy. I will go with that even though I don’t think I look tough enough to be such a thing.

Looks like fun, and you look lovely!

Thank you Elle, it was a fun day.

That definitely looks like a fun time! đŸ™‚

It was super fun, but I fear Osbasso would not have approved of the beer I was drinking.

Uh-oh…what was it?

I took a few more pictures while at the lake. Just for Osbasso I shall post a few next week too. You shall see my very lowbrow choice of beverages. Ha ha.

I’d love to walk out the woods and find you by the lakeside!

Thanks for stopping my blog to comment, I appreciate it

Happy (late) HNT

Thank you Hubman.
I have stopped by before, just never commented. đŸ˜‰

What a fun photo! Glad you had fun!

It’s good to break away for fun, Been forgetting that lately because of work. Horseback riding and then dancing this weekend. Making time for fun!

Lucky friends. Nice piccy.
sev x

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