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FFF – I’m Gonna fix you right up!

Posted on: July 29, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday – I’m Gonna fix you right up!

nurse flash fiction fff

(Source image: “Nurse” by Gernot)
The challenge for today was to use the picture above and write a flash fiction of 69-139 words. with the key phrase “…twitched helplessly…”

Flash Fiction Friday!

The poor girl looked so frightened as she lay there on the table.
I had told her it was going to be an easy insertion, but from the size of her eyes I don’t think she believed me one little bit.
The straps probably didn’t help with her anxiety, but they always made it easier for me.
I knew she was going to feel like a million dollars in just a few minutes.
She only squeaked a bit as I worked it inside.
When I was done I watched as she twitched helplessly on the table with her eyes rolled back in her head.
It was just lovely.


15 Responses to "FFF – I’m Gonna fix you right up!"

Why that is just lovely! “squeaked a bit” is a good audio/visual.

I love it when a girl gives a little squeak. ha ha

That would be lovely…if I was the one on the table.

Happy FFF


My Flash Fiction Friday is HERE:

Think I am suffering from female hysteria

LOL! Don’t orgasms always make us feel better? (yes, I’m tired and easily amused this morning.

Being easily amused is a good thing. It is when nothing can amuse us that life is boring.

“…feel like a million dollars in just a few minutes”?

Ummm… Where can I make an appointment?

My number is 867 5309. Ask for Jenny.

(song reference people, not my real #)


Oh i loved it. A perfect FFF.
sev x

Gives a new meaning to “work it girl!” 😉

Now that’s physical therapy 😉

Would be a fun job. Maybe I should change careers.

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