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Nominations for top Sex Bloggers of 2011

Posted on: August 1, 2011

Most everyone who has a sex related blog or who reads such stuff has run into Rori’s Top Sex Bloggers list on her blog ‘Between My Sheets’ at least once.
Well, she is taking Nominations for the Sexiest Bloggers of 2011 now.

I nominated Miranda from The Swingers Attic because she is a great friend, inspiration, and I love her advice on swinging, sex, polyamory, sex toys, and viewpoints on sexuality. She is empowering.
I’m not in the lifestyle, but I have still learned so much.

I nominated  Osbasso of Views From the Back Row because he not only keeps Half-Nekkid Thursday up and running, but keeps it interesting and stays involved with the participants. HNT is different for everyone. For some it is just fun. For some it is a blog traffic generator. For many it is a form of therapy and even a release. I see Osbasso’s comments all the time on people’s posts. Involved from the top to bottom. Thanks Osbasso.

Scarleteen was a thought, but it has grown way beyond just a blog over the years. Talk about a beneficial and empowering site.
I would not be as open and secure with myself if I hadn’t discovered Scarleteen back when I was going through my confusing years.

I would have nominated myself too, but it says you can’t do that.
Maybe some really cool, awesome, sexy person with amazing taste will nominate me. *cough*
Nominate your favorites here.
When you nominate someone like me for the little award you also get entered in a drawing.
These are the prizes –
•A $75 gift certificate to The Nix Fix’s Online Shop
•A Clone-A-Willy kit (your choice of color)
•A $25 gift certificate to EdenFantasys
•Open crotch lace shorts (any size, including plus) OR fetish jock strap (any size)
•Japanese silk bondage rope (your choice of color)
It’s like a bonus for nominating me someone.
Nominate Pocket RockettZ your favorite blogger here.

Pocket RockettZ


10 Responses to "Nominations for top Sex Bloggers of 2011"

Thank you so much lil Pocket for the nomination. Because of the change in the blog we feel we should decline but wanted to say thank you so much! We will be back – thanks for hanging in there with us.

I had mentioned the change. I was so bummed when it happened. Your blog has been the #1 most mind expanding sex blog I have run into.

Well there’s a couple i could nominate, I’ll give it some thought.
sev xx

Well… Nobody has nominated me. *wink*
Doubt I’d make the list anyway though, I don’t have the clout and don’t chat it up on the right forums.
I am however a huge spokesperson for pocket rockets and masturbation on a daily bases because it’s easy to be in a good mood when you just had an orgasm.

Hmm, I should do a blog post about that.

Shouldn’t that be *wank*?
Now, do i wake my girlfriend up so that she can watch me wanking?
sev xx

Umm, yes.
Nothing ventured is nothing gained.
She may even decide to help you at it.

Then again… if it was me it would depend on how much sleep I had gotten. If I was short on sleep and was woken up like that I would may just tell you to go wank yourself.

Maybe ill be up in the rankings oneday ? I’m just a newbie.. kudos to your blog 🙂

Thanks RickStar, Good luck with your new blog.
Mine is pretty new too, just this last year.
I did have another one before it though.

Thank you Pocket. Saw you have been nominated by Sapio Slut so I didn’t nominate you, but otherwise would have returned the praise.

Your welcome. I like both your nice and your snarky answers to questions.

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