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I’m A Masturbation Rebel At Work

Posted on: August 2, 2011

First let me explain why I am not made up, am exposing grow out,  and am dressed like I was gardening.
I was.
I had the day off and was picking berries, but got called in to work.
It was supposed to be just 2 easy appointments so it was only going to be about an hour and I just didn’t have time to do my hair or makeup.

Two fast cuts.
First one took about 15 minutes.
Next guy showed up and it turned out I knew him.
Sorta knew him really. He was a friend of a friend and I had met him a few times.
My friend had told him i was a masturbation addict the last time I had seen him and I had admitted I was.
Loose lips when alcohol is involved.
So while cutting his hair he asked about it. I decided to be honest and just go with the conversation.
Eventually he asked if I ever masturbated while at work. I told him I did whenever I had the chance.
The guy was bold and good-looking. His boldness made him tell me he wanted to watch. His being good-looking made me wet and say o.k.

After I finished his hair I took him in the back storage room.
I told him he could take pictures with his cell phone, but I had to approve them after. He agreed.

I had a really cool toy with me.
The Rebel Toyfriend.
This thing is tiny and almost silent.
Smooth silicone with a perfect knob on the end to find your G-Spot.
I love it!

There is a big cushion in the back storage room that just kinda sits in a corner for no reason.
I am in charge of the back room btw.
I laid myself down on it and went to work.

masterbation at work with my Rebel Toyfriend

It doesn’t take me long to cum.
I’m not sure how long of a show he was expecting, but the whole shebang took about 4 or 5 minutes.
I was nervous and anxious because I was doing it in front of a stranger, but I was also very excited from it.

afraid to pull my shorts down to masturbate with the toy

The Rebel Toyfriend is great for G-Spot as i mentioned, but I couldn’t do that with my pants on, and I chickened out about pulling my shorts off and exposing myself in front of him.
I wanted to do it, but for some reason I was not brave enough.
I used my toyfriend as a clitoral vibe only.
That is my normal way of masturbation anyways, so it was just fine.

The whole experience was hot.
I watched his face almost the entire time.
He was very into it.

the little rebel toyfriend got me off and left me blushed

Afterwards he spoke and his voice caught in his throat. That made me almost cum again. It was cool knowing I could have such an effect on someone without even getting naked or touching them.

One time thing though.
He is cute, but not my type.
I have to mention that he gave me a $50 and wouldn’t take change back on his $19 clipper cut.
Nice tip for something I would have done anyway once he had walked out the door.

The toy (This is a sex toy review)
The Rebel. A Toyfriend Mini.
Borrowed not owned. (I want my own)
Black, sleek, and sexy.
Just a fraction over 5″ in length.
It is sneaky quite for clandestine meetings at any time of the day.

The Rebel comes with a clear plastic base to stand it up on your nightstand if you are lucky enough to not have to hide sex toys at home.
You can get it in pink or black.
It is coated with firm silk-like silicone.
It will make your knees shake.
You can get your own Rebel here.
I have not tried any of the other Toyfriend Mini vibes, but I hope to eventually.
I also really want to try a Toyfriend Double. They look so inviting.

If anybody from ToyFriend reads this I would be happy to review your Doubles. 😀

Hope you all enjoyed my gardening look!

Babeland can fulfill your Toyfriend Mini cravings.

9 Responses to "I’m A Masturbation Rebel At Work"

Love it

Your are a beautiful and sexy lady

Thank you Wayne.
It’s nice to be called sexy when I haven’t got an hour plus into getting all done up.

Love your gardening look.
Love your story!

Now checking online Yellow Pages to figure out where you work. I think I need a $19 clipper cut…

Thank you Osbasso, Fruit picking incident aside, I’m actually pretty good in a garden.
I’m imagining people showing up and asking for clipper cuts and a back room tour of the salon. Wonder how long it would take until I needed to find a new job. ha ha.

I love it. You really are a masturbation addict, excellent 🙂
To be fair, so am I, I’ll happily let people watch me getting off, but then I’m a boy and we’re all sluts.
Great blog.
sev xx

I think most girls are sluts in our hearts too, but society just doesn’t let us be ourselves so we have to hide it and act in ways that are judged o.k.
We still masturbate and have fantasies though.
Just not as easy for us to talk about it and admit it as it is for men.

I can’t even tell you how dismayed I would be if my 80 y/o barber, “Floyd”, offered that kind of service. I’m getting my hair cut at the wrong place.

It is when Floyd does offer you that service you will know your at the wrong place.

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