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FFF – Fill Me Fast!

Posted on: August 4, 2011

It is Flash Fiction Friday once again.
The challenge for this Friday, 8-5-11, was to use the picture you see below to write a flash fiction of 80-160 words with the required phrase “…strangled cry…” included in the story.

fill me fast

I was hungry for it. It had been almost two months since I had gotten any, and that was just wrong.
Men always think it’s so easy for women to get some action, but that just isn’t the case. The guys we want are always taken or to shy to make advances. Aggressive women scare most guys off. The situation leaves us without much opportunity, so when I caught him looking at me from behind a rack of clothes and he didn’t avert his gaze I knew that opportunity was knocking.
It took just a smile and a tilt of my head to get him to approach me, and only few whispered words to get him to sneak into a dressing room with me.
He wasted no time and got right down to action. His hard cock had a slight curve that hit me just right as he pounded me fervently.
“Fill me fast!” I told him, and as he reached orgasm the thought of this stranger pumping his hot cum into me pushed me over the edge.
With a strangled cry and an arch of my back I got what I had wanted.

Flash Fiction Friday!

15 Responses to "FFF – Fill Me Fast!"

A new zipless fuck! Very nice and evocative.

Delightful. And so true. It isn’t always easy for women to get what they want.

Ah, but many a man thinks it is.

“…a slight curve that hit me just right…” for some reason came across as extremely sexy to me.

Have a great weekend!


Thank you Soren, and that slight curve can be just perfectly sexy. I’m glad you liked.

And how. To all of it, not just the sentiment of it being difficult for women to get some. “Fill me fast” is a great pickup line though 😉

It may be a great pickup line for those few men who don’t freak out when a female is the aggressor.

LOL! There are many lines here that I love, especially this one: “It had been almost two months since I had gotten any, and that was just wrong.” Yup! That IS just wrong. 😉

I love a story with a happy ending. I’m glad she got what she wanted. 😉

Thank you, and two months is just wrong. lol

Nice! Also loved the “slight curve”; she was lucky to pick up someone who fit so well. 🙂

Thanks Faile , It is always wonderful when things fit together just right.

Is this why my jacket is always covered in cum stains at the end of parties?

A great read.
sev xx

Your dry-cleaner must gossip horribly about you. ha ha

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