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Posted on: August 10, 2011

I had something a bit more risqué planned, but I am postponing it for next week.

The reason is because last week on my PBR post I mentioned horses.
Stable fees to be specific.
Then I went weekend camping.
This is the way camping should be done.
On horseback.

horse camping

Photo choice was this or nothing because every picture I was in also had other people in it.
Considering that I spend a good part of my time on this blog talking about masturbation and vibrators, I try not to show anyone else in pictures.

The person who took the pictures had stopped to take some scenic pictures and then decided to snap a couple of me too. See that view behind me?

I actually wish I could show more because we had so many great ones.

Camping is something I do just a couple of times a year, but it is almost always on horseback.
Usually it is family and super close friends.

horse camping two

Happy HNT!
Want to see who else plays along with Half Nekkid Thursday?
Go here to do it!HNT_1
I promise you will find some people who actually got half nekkid, fully nekkid, artfully nekkid, humourously nekkid, and probably a few other things. I may have got a bit more nekkid myself, but as you can see from the pictures it was a bit chilly.


22 Responses to "Camping"

the scene behind you is entirely cool!
and, as I recollect…you don’t actually HAVE to be naked for it, so, a big smile is as good as a naked leg.

Although I have to say…there are some GREAT naked legs this week.
I think Eden’s was probably the most fabulous.
But then…what you have tere…
Naked Nature?
That’s well worth pleasing your senses with…

Naked in nature is great too, but I had family with me. No nudists included. lol

I adore these shots of you on horseback, your face lit up with your cheeky smile, nature as your backdrop. Absolutely gorgeous…

Thank you so much. I get time to ride a couple times a week, but not way up in the mountains. It is refreshing to be up there.

I love camping! and the scenery is spectacular! 🙂



Olympic mountains in Washington state. They are beautiful.

I haven’t been horseback riding in a few years and I really, really miss it. You look like you’re having a blast.

I love it. Been riding since before I can remember.

I like a girl who doesn’t need the hot shower or electrical hookups to go “camping”. 😛

Believe it or not, I was raised a bit of a tomboy. I have also always lived in areas that are full of trees, mountains, rivers, etc.

to me horseback riding is pretty risqué 🙂 I recall doing that once a long time ago and was worried about the lack of a steering wheel, gas pedal and break 😉

Ha ha ha, your not the only one. I have helped teach many people to ride over the years and taken many people on there first horseback riding adventures.
I have an older retired horse that I usually just let friends ride around on in a field for their first tries. She is super friendly and sweet, plus knows how to deal with people that don’t know what to do.

I’m not a camper, um, at ALL, but there’s little I love more than spending time in the saddle. You look fabulous!

Thanks Gucci, I am the same. I love it. Until I was sixteen and found my colorful side, I was one of those stereotypes of braided pigtails, tight jeans, boots, and a hat, that showed my horses at the fair for all the city folk. I even did barrel racing.

now see, this proves just how cute you are, you are even cuter than the cute horse you’re riding 🙂

Well thank you so much, but my horsey is pretty dang cute. lol

I rode a horse in Costa Rica and hated it. 😦 Gorgeous scenery behind you, though.


If I took you riding you would love it. I have converted many people who didn’t enjoy horses to becoming horse lovers.

you make a beautiful cowgirl.

Thank you, maybe a cowgirl outfit would make a good HNT ???

Looks like you’re having fun! And it looks cold, too 😉

It wasn’t the warmest moment of the trip, but it did end up getting warm. I actually ended up in shorts and a tank-top that day. When your up high it makes for some extreme temperature changes through a day. From sweaters and big jackets-then tanks and shorts withing a couple of hours.

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