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FFF – A curl of implications

Posted on: August 18, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday

The challenge for this Friday, 8-19-11, was to use the picture above to write a flash fiction of 69-99 words including the phrase “…curl of [noun]…”

Flash Fiction Friday!

“Why did you have to kill him Kimberly?” I asked as my head swirled with the possible implications.
“He deserved it.” was all she said.
“You could have just hurt him Kim.” I said in a soft voice, knowing my despair was showing.
Kim laughed as she stared at the curl of smoke rising up from her cigaret.
“What is so fucking funny?” I asked her.
“You are.” she replied.
“why? I sighed.
“Because you would probably be dead now if I hadn’t killed that sick bastard.” she said.
I felt what little strength I had drain from me as I thought about the nights events.
It was bound to happen eventually. A trick would go bad. Having things go this bad, I never would have imagined though. Lucky I had Kim along, but she always took things to far.
Remembering the thuds as she kept hitting him made me sick.
Kimberly’s voice cut through my haze with “What the fuck are you crying for?”
“We are going to go to jail Kim.” I said through my tears.
Kim laughed again and said “Don’t worry about it sugar, you think this is the first sick fucker I have had to deal with?”
I looked up at her and felt a chill run down my spine as I saw the strange expression on her face.

I went a bit over on words this time because I had this story in mind immediately on first site of the picture, and try as I might I couldn’t shorten it any more than I did here to get across what I wanted.


16 Responses to "FFF – A curl of implications"

Don’t worry about it. You’ll get your spanking later. 🙂

I’m constantly amazed by the different places peoples’ minds go when looking at these pics. I don’t think I could have come up with this particular approach in a million years. Fascinating stuff. Though I am now a bit worried about pissing you off. 🙂

Thanks for joining in this week!

— PB

Think of me as the crying, worrisome one who has the crazy friends. I’m safe. ha ha

Agreed… that little touch of the psychotic is a great hook!

You really never know how people are until certain situations arise.

You “cheated” just so you could get a spanking. 😀

Good story…sort of “Tales from the Darkside” like.


Thank you.
Funny think is I remember as a child sometimes getting in trouble to get attention. Often it was a spanking.

I like the creepy closing; it ties the whole thing together, makes it more than it was.

Thank you Lexi. I am glad you liked it.

Great story, it put me in mind of a scene from a Tarantino movie.

You have talent Pocket – nice one!

Thanks Red, I like his movies so that is cool. 😀

Creepy, but why am I hearing “Goodbye Earl” in the back of my head? Great job dear!

Ha ha, I didn’t have that in my head, but I know the song.
Earl had it coming.

Psychotic maybe, but if girls don’t take care of themselves, then who will? 😀 Loved it!

Thank you France. I actually have a few nut job friends, and oddly they make me feel more safe in the world.

I’m a bit scared now. Nightmares will surely follow.
sev xx

Xanax cures nightmares. (So I’m told)

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