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HNT – Rainbow Nipple Ring

Posted on: August 18, 2011

Got me some new rainbow colored nipple rings!

boo bee hnt

I have had the piercings for a while. Just the jewelry is new.



28 Responses to "HNT – Rainbow Nipple Ring"

You are a very colorful person.

Colors are so much funner than shades of grey 🙂

Joining me in rainbow world, I see 🙂

(I have this *thing* for rainbow titanium… captive rings in the nips, earrings, and the chain between my nipple rings)


I have the same *thing* , except my skin doesn’t do well with any type of titanium. I’m very sensitive to metals, so these are made of Niobium instead.

I love the colors in your tattoo.

Thank you Molly.
I was thinking to get a small one that says “taste the rainbow.” since I am so colorful. lol

Hmmmm….now I want my nipples pierced! It looks so yummy! HHNT!

Do it!
It makes things more sensitive too.

Why does it not surprise me to see them as colorful as the rest of you? 🙂

I had steel rings in until this, but they did have rainbow balls on them.

absolutely gorgeous!

tat-lovin’ brony 😉

Happy you like em Tat-lovin’ Brony. ha ha

They look great and fit your personality to a T.

You saying I have balls? ha ha

The colors of your HNT’s always scream out at me… If you’re quiet, you’re not living. You’ve got to be noisy and colorful and lively.

Oh my gosh right back at ya Pocket!

Thank you!
It is true about me and colors. I want a vivid world.

Ohhh that’s nice and all colorful! Just like the tats 🙂

You should see my nail polish selection if you want colorful. lol
That was brought on by the fact I am currently painting my nails btw. 😉

Love the colors, you are so lovely!!

Ooh… Such a gorgeous shot…

Glad you like it Minx

Lovely colors all around. Having just had my nipples re-pierced, I can’t wait to try new jewelry.

It is healing them out that sucks. I was so happy when I could start changing jewelry.

Very cool.
I love the look of nipple piercings. My phobia around needles keeps me far away from them, but you were that well. 🙂

Thank you , your not alone in your phobia. I know lots of people who don’t like needles.

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