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(The Big List) Sex Toy Reviews

Posted on: September 1, 2011

The August list of sex toy reviews is up and there is plenty to see.

Sex Toy Review List August

If you are wanting a new toy and don’t know exactly what you want, then you should check out this months Big List on Real Sex Toy Reviews.
Cool stuff for realz homies.

I am leaving that last line along with rating on myself.
I am so un-cool I realised when writing that because I actually have no idea how a person is supposed to spell homies.
Oh well, who cares? If you are the type to call people homies in real life then you probably don’t know how to spell it either.


4 Responses to "(The Big List) Sex Toy Reviews"

Yes but can you recommend something that’ll fill a boy’s cunt? Something zucchini sized for my ass to be fucked with? Maybe zucchini shaped. Possibly zucchini coloured.

Preferably costing not much more than … a zucchini.

I saw a review for “Horn on the cob” in the novelty section that looks just like corn. Would corn do?
When I read it I was actually thinking how great the bumps would feel, but I wasn’t thinking backdoor. Costs a bit more than a regular bit of corn, but it vibrates so that makes it a good deal. Veggies should vibrate when needed. lol

When I first saw the picture in my reader, I couldn’t figure out why you’d need a 10-armed sex toy! 😛

The visions you just gave me. Once a month I try and make it to what my friends and I call girls night. Usually it stays pretty tame, but a multi armed sex toy would change that I bet.
Would depend on who sowed up though. Some of my friends are party poopers.

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