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Posted on: September 14, 2011

I admit I don’t deserve any Elucidator Award. I didn’t even know what the word was.
Same goes for the Sharing Is Caring Award. I hardly get time to check my own comments on my blog so who would expect me to be spending an hour a day promoting other peoples stuff?
Risque Reviewer Award is a maybe. I do tell it like it is. I don’t know how detailed other reviewers get with the sex part of sex toy reviews though. Maybe I am tame.
The Sex Positive Award is also a maybe. I am pretty sex positive I think.
For example, I think everyone should go masturbate now and think about how sex positive I am.
Are you back?
How was it?

There is an Affinity For Jocosity Award. I didn’t know what jocosity was either, but I am it! I’m a funny girl. I’m a riot. I tickle your bone. Funny bone that is!
See? That was proof.
They don’t have a ditsy cute reviewer award, so the Jocosity thing is my only hope.
I never win shit. Go vote for me so I can have a cool award and get free stuff that I will probably have no use for except in expanding the clutter of my life.

Vote for me here!

so happy to get this award I could just strip down naked and get wild

Thank you so much, I accept.

You did go vote for me didn’t you?


4 Responses to "Vote for me!"

Be reassured- I only didn’t comment because I’m boring and had nothing to say- didn’t mean for silence to freak you out!

Oh thank you Joel. I feel much better now.
The dead silence of a post without comment was truly killing me.

The first rule of being a boring person is to think yourself very interesting.
You broke that rule, so your probably very interesting.

Heck, my blog has 700 some odd posts, and most of them without comments, or just a friend or two.

Since you think I’m interesting, I’ll stop now before I prove you wrong!

You have tons of comments.
I read a bit of your blog. It is deep stuff. Even when its about Harry Potter and Alice Cooper. Hard to comment unless your educated on politics, religion, and world events. I push a few personal subjects, and I vote, but I am far from involved or knowledgeable on that stuff.

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