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Pop goes the… plug

Posted on: September 18, 2011

Is this not one of the cutest butt plugs you have ever seen?
It is called a Pop Plug and they are not just cute, they are also the shiznit.
urbandictionary.com for those who don’t dig my 90’s slang. lol
To the point = Pop Plugs Rock!

pop plug butt plugs are good for fun

I was introduced to this little fellow last weekend by a friend.
I liked my introduction so much I have borrowed it semi permanently.

The Pop plug fits PERFECT for me. Most plugs are too bulky or have to large of a drop in size from the head area to the neck for me. That sort of thing is painful. This plug is smooth and tapered. It goes in easy and stays in place, but also comes out without any ouch.

If you look close you can see that a seam runs down the side. It is not noticeable when you are using it. I actually didn’t notice it until I got around to studying it for this post.

small pink butt plug

Proper review time.
Pop Plugs are made by Doc Johnson and are offered in three sizes, small, medium, and large.
This one I have fallen in love with is a size medium. I have not seen the other sizes in person so can’t tell you much about them, but I can say the size medium is perfect for me.

Pop Plugs are made of 100% silicone so they can be boiled between uses. That makes these perfect for sharing.
I’m sure you guessed that though because of how I acquired mine. Don’t just share any old plug people. Many plugs are porous and can’t be sterilized between uses. The anus is obviously full of many types of bacteria you don’t want to share.
If you want a really hard plug instead of a squishy soft one like this then I suggest glass if you plan on sharing your plug.
That includes all you monogamous couples out there who think “if she has it I have it.”
That isn’t true. Don’t share your plugs with each other unless you sterilize them between uses. You will eventually end up sorry if you do.

Safety lecture over.

So, these are silicone, easy to clean, can be sterilized, tapered for easy in and out, cute as all get out, and I love them.
The ring on the base after the flair is soft and squishy too. That makes it so you don’t have anything hard poking out to annoy your partner.
If you have ever used a plug with a hard ring poking out you will know why that can be annoying to your partner. Squishy equals comfort and no painful eye poking if your partner is orally helping you out while the plug is in.
It also makes it so if by chance you are a woman in doggy position and your partner is fucking you while your plug is in it wont be jabbing them painfully in the stomach if they get going fast.
Talk about a killjoy situation for them. Who wants something hard jabbing them in the stomach on every in thrust?

pop plugs are fun little butt plugs

Pop plugs = They are Da bomb, tight, hot, rad, sick, and totally dope.
Urban dictionary time again?
So says Pocket!
Extra coolness, these cute plugs are available at my favorite place for sex toys.
Pop Plugs are available at Babeland!
Shop women friendly, sex positive, ethical stores girls!


3 Responses to "Pop goes the… plug"

Great review I might just have to check it out. 🙂

I hope you do. If so, I would love to hear what you thought of it too.

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