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HNT – Colorful am I?

Posted on: September 21, 2011

Happy Early Halloween HNT again!
Another previous Halloween party picture for you.

No color costume hnt

Her “Candy hearts and paper flowers, Will always keep me close to you, Will always keep me close to you.”
Me “You’re spaced out on sensation. HAH! How sentimental.”

Those are movie lines if you didn’t catch it.

This was from a themed party. You had to be dressed in a costume of a movie character and bring the DVD along with you that your character was in. I am going to the same party again this year I think. It was such a smashing idea that it is now to be an annual thing.

Thought it would be fun to go all black and white for my HNT this week because I am usually a big explosion of color.
Makes me think of Pleasantville.

  • Did you read my Vote for me post? I haven’t a single comment on it and it freaks me out. It is making me think nobody is voting for me. I know that doesn’t mean that, but it still is freaking me.

Happy HNT!


24 Responses to "HNT – Colorful am I?"

You’re cute as hell in curls!

Thank you so much Osbasso.
Me and my hair. It never stays the same.

OMG, can you get anymore adorable?

I simply have no way to answer that question, but I can say…
“thank you.”

oh yes, as colorful as a rainbow and as sexy as a film noir vixen.

it’s halloween already? my sense of time is getting more and more distorted…

“Film noir vixen.”
I like that!
It is sure as heck time to get ready for Halloween.
Get on it buster!

You are so darn cute!! Happy HNT!

Thank you much.
Happy HNT to you. 🙂

Very cute, love the quotes.

Thanks Miranda. Did you recognize the quotes right off?

So cute!! Love the B&W perspective 🙂



Thank you Kazi. I was starting to think only the late phoenix noticed the lack of color. lol

So cute! Love the picture. Looks like a fun time.

Thank you, it was. I’m pretty sure i will be doing the same party this year. Last years rocked!

Such a cute costume!
Love the stockings 🙂

I loved them too. Sad to say they wore out and I couldn’t find new ones.

Cute as HELL!
love it! and I agree with Emmy I love the stockings!

Someday I will find more.
I buy a lot of stockings and tights so am always in the right stores.
Just hasn’t happened yet.

Oh how fun!

Very, I’m getting so excited for Halloween.

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