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Bent HNT

Posted on: September 28, 2011

bent toe hnt

I was trying to take pictures for an upcoming polish review and thought this would be a good picture for Half Nekkid Thursday because it shows how utterly fucked up my toes are.
Look how bent they are. I went to a foot doctor once and he told me that it was partially because I almost exclusively wore cowboy boots growing up. It sucks because I love shoes and spend more money on my shoes than any other part of my wardrobe. It is hard to show off cute shoes when your toes are so dorky.

They are good for a nice laugh though.

Happy HNT!


26 Responses to "Bent HNT"

I’m sorry. I have to agree. As cute as everything else is, your feet look positively painful! Maybe a foot transplant?

I don’t think they do foot transplants yet Bat. maybe in a few years after science has progressed a bit more and Walmart has taken over the world.
I would wait for a rollback though so i could get it done for cheap.

Awe, happy HNT. I probably wouldn’t have noticed your toes were bent, thanks for sharing.

Ah, the type to not mention when something is weird. 🙂
In person my toes actually don’t usually get noticed. I think my wardrobe , hair, jewelry, and other things distract.

I’m with Bat on this one. Good thing the rest of you is cute! 😛

I’m with Bat too. I have never had anybody lust over my toes or tell me they are super cute. Funny, jacked up, weird, and other things like that are the normal descriptions once noticed.

hmmm, and i’ve never worn cowboy boots in my life…we’re a perfect match!

I’m guessing your toes are straight as an arrow then.

I think feet were made to roam wild and free, not get stuck into crazy contraptions for fashion 🙂



Boots weren’t for fashion. I was pure cowgirl through my childhood.
Nowadays I stick my feet into crazy contraptions for fashion though.
How can I not? They make so many cute shoes!

Not your best feature. I’m feeling glad I grew up in running shoes and flip flops.

I have never been a tennis shoes type person. I have some, but they are for the gym. Flip lops I have in plenty.

Your feet look like my late wife’s mom and sisters, they both had hammer toe. Hurt like hell too.

I am in no pain. Think I may be later in life though. I have been warned that I may.

Lovin the skull shoes… they rock! I have a couple pairs that i have been looking at .. I can’t wait until my foot surgery thing heals up and I can wear shoes again. .. and there is nothing wrong with your toes~

Thank you much, I like the shoes too and have a few others with skulls and crossbones.

Well those shoes are adorable.

If only they had closed toes on the end! lol

They look fine to me. I’m a guy, what do I know? hhnt

Thank you, but I know better. 😉
As for guys opinions, they count for lots.

As a guy, I’m not particularly interested in women’s shoes, certainly not as much as my wife. But the skull-and-crossbones pattern on your shoes are cute, and you’ve got nice feet as well.


Well, a nice foot, anyway, as that’s all I can see. I’m seeing a lot of foot-related criticism here, but it looks fine to me. Maybe I need to pay better attention to women’s feet. 🙂


Thank you Jack, The rest of my foot is pretty normal. You should pay attention to feet because some women spend a lot of time and money on them. I think women who do love it when they are noticed.

Unless they are all crooked of course. lol

Never mind the dorky toes, look at those toenails – they’ve gone all green and septic.
What? Nail polish? Oh, I see.

Of course for that perfect sexy toe look, get a boy to spunk on them and photograph the toes before he licks them clean.

(Trust me, every boy thinks that’s really hot, it can’t just be me).
sev xx

Dorky , green, and septic toes don’t have a sexy toe look so the boys who like to “spunk on them” don’t pick toes like mine.

It’d be way too weird if I simply replied “Well I would” right?
Yeah, I’ll not do that.

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