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Sticky HNT

Posted on: October 5, 2011

sticky note hnt

Have a great Thursday!



22 Responses to "Sticky HNT"

That’s like the most perfect stickie of all!

Thank you Osbasso. Thought you’d appreciate it.

ha! clever

i feel i’m back on a college campus with that flyer 🙂

Happy to bring back the memories.

No idea who Diora Baird is, but she is sexy as can be. I saw her picture and forgot all about your HNT pic. She outdid you I am sorry to say.
As my mamma used to tell me “Never stand next to a girl ten times prettier than you.”

college was not the best of memories for me i’m afraid. i’m so glad you enjoyed the diora post, hardly anyone notices my non-hnt posts. i will spend the rest of my life trying to be as pretty as diora so i can stand next to her one day triumphant and proud…

I’m not even going to try. That girl is abnormally pretty.

I love this HNT! Happy HNT!

Thank you. I hope I helped people remember too. lol

Hee! great reminder!!
I set all kinds of alarms on my iPhone these days LOL



Phones are great, they have become an evil necessity with all their crazy gadgets.

A great way to remember 🙂
Happy HNT to you – and glad you didn’t forget 🙂

Thank you Emmy. How could I forget with my post it note on the mirror? ha ha

Thanks for the reminder.

Welcome, but I see no post it from you??? ha ha, food looks much more tasty than a post it not though.

It’d be wrong to tell you that my screen’ll be sticky if I look at this picture much more right?
Very cute.
sev x

From that picture? That is a heck of a compliment. Thank you.

So cute.
What a great idea. 🙂

Your post it and your gorgeous self are the perfect reminders…

Print it off and I can be a perfect HNT reminder for all!
Just kidding 😉
Thanks Minx.

I’m surprised you need a reminder!

I have actually missed posting my HNT pictures because I forgot a couple times. I can space out the day of the week pretty easy.

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