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The Big List and I need your vote

Posted on: October 10, 2011

Yep, I’m a slacker.
I’m about two weeks late on posting this.
Check it out anyway.
big sex toy review list
This Months Big List Of Sex Toy Reviews On Real Sex Toy Reviews

You might also notice that voting is still open for your favorite sex toy reviewers.
I would really appreciate some votes so if you would take just a few minutes and vote for me I would just love it.

I know I haven’t posted any new reviews for a while, but I will. Here are a few of my past reviews to remind you haw totally awesome I am!

I’m A Masturbation Rebel At Work

After affects – G spotting

Pop goes the… plug

Hurt My Kitty – Beware the evil toy!

Pocket RockettZ on pocket rockets HNT

Naughty Dice and Duck Farts

and there is more!

I just want to win some stuff. Help me out and vote for me. I showed you my my bent toes!
A pity vote will do. I’m not picky.
I begged for votes before too. That just shows I’m serious.
Gimmi gimmi gimmi a vote.
That was supposed to be read in a childish tantrum type voice.
Voting ends this month.


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