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Pink Pocket HNT

Posted on: October 12, 2011

Pink Pocket Rocket HNT
So I was obviously trying to go for something like this HNT post again, but sexier. (success?)
This picture goes with this pocket rocket review if you for some reason wanted to see more, or if you are on the front page still just scroll down for more.

Check my heart before you start,
I don’t wanna blow no fuse,
New battery, is that for me?
That’s something I could really use,
Power surge I get the urge,
To do my legendary thing,
The stars in your eyes don’t tell no lies,
I know your bells are starting to ring,
‘Cos I’m a Vibrator,
Pleased to make a start,
Vibrator, with a powerpack for a heart

Vibrator! Vibrator!

Wasn’t that good, now wasn’t that nice?
Now see we get along real fine,
I knew I was the boy for you,
When you came for the second time,
Clean me up, put me away,
You know you need the rest,
I’ll be here when next you need me,
I’ve never ever failed the test,
‘Cos I’m a Vibrator,
Pleased to make a start,
Vibrator, with a powerpack for a heart
I’m a Vibrator,
Pleased to make a start,
I’m a Vibrator,
And I’ll never ever break your heart

Happy HNT
Clicky the button to find out about
half nekkid thursday
I am the Rocket Queen.


38 Responses to "Pink Pocket HNT"

Great picture! Pocket Rockets are cute, sexy and fun. We can see why you decided to name yourself after one!

Thanks, it was an easy name choice. They are my favorite type of buzzy toy.

Can’t imagine why I’d want to see more… 😉

Maybe because you love pocket rocket vibes????
Probably not.

Absolutely lovely picture. Very cute!

Now that IS cute! Sexier? Yeah I reckon you nailed it!


Thank you so much, I love seconds on being cute. lol

Cuter and sexier? Sweet!

Love this! So cute and hot

Thank you Yummy, the positive responses are making me feel successful 🙂

Pretty pic- but I really do prefer ones that have your lovely smile in them.

That is sweet of you Joel. I will be sure to have a smiling HNT soon then.

I do love smooth flat tummys and sexy belly buttons….very nice.


Thanks Molly. I just recently got it back to how I like it. Yoga and Zumba the last month constantly.

oh, i, uh, wow, i, oh, wow, nice, beautiful, i, uh…

i am your vibrator

You do make me smile with your funny responses.
Thank you 😉

Pocket, love this picture… So very sexy!!!

Very, very sexy! HHNT!

Very Very thank you and happy HNT to you too – even though it is now Friday.

u r so friggin” cute!!
i could just eat u up!

Mr. Smith and Raven (togethere)

I am hoping it is in a sexy way rather than cannibalism ? ? ?
JK, Thank you both.

You are gorgeous and absolutely sexy.

Thank you so much Elle

Awesome pic!! I didn’t realise that was actually the name of a vibrator until now LOL


~Kazi xxx

I think it is so cool it actually says Pocket Rocket on it. I had a white one a long time ago that said it, but somebody stole it.

Wait, somebody stole your pocket rocket? That’s not right on many levels.

Love it! you capture sexy and cute!


Thanks, I really like that it is a combination of sexy and cute because that is my favorite. I am not very sultry or anything like that so I go for the cute. lol

I second all the comments already made. 🙂

Thank you.
You have all made me feel very happy today. Feeling it is going to be a good weekend.

Interesting shot!

Thank you, was trying for sexy, but Facebook safe. lol Those suckers delete to easy.

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