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Pretty Fly HNT

Posted on: October 20, 2011

pocket pimp hnt



26 Responses to "Pretty Fly HNT"

No question about that!

I look so gangsta!
Or at least I look as gangsta as a tiny, white, dorky girl can. lol

Cute…amazing pink hair!


Thank you Molly. Pink is my favorite color. It is fun and says “Hey people, have a great day!”

hello, hot stuff

Ah, your just saying that because you share my bow fetish.

You share the coolest HNTs. Have a great day.

Thank you. I am glad you like them. Happy HNT to you.

I love your HNT. Makes mine look really lame. So cute.
sev xx

Thank you severin, but yours totally kicks ass this week compared to mine. I love the sacrificial theme.

Love you rocking the 80s frames! Back in the day I used to have blonde hair with pink tips (shaved in the back) and I had a pair of shades just like that.! Love the shot

I know! these shades are so radical gnarly I just couldn’t pass them up.

Sexy cool! 🙂

Stone cold cool!
That is what I was going for anyway. It is actually a stretch for me.

To tell a secret, “I’m not really very gangsta.” lol

Such a fun shot! Love the pink hair and the bow!

If in doubt, always add a bow. That is my theory anyway. ha ha

Seriously cute! The contrast between the pink hair and the black bow is great!

Contrast is the key to popping out in a crowd. I like to be the lime green and yellow with pink polka dots candy in the box of whoppers.

Bubblegum pink does not count as pastel. 🙂

Very colorful and very cute.

You’re so damn gorgeous. And crazy cool, of course…

Your to kind. Glad my crazy cool act is working. Thinking to show the nerdy side next week.

love your jaw line – u r a classic beauty!

Thank you very much. That is the first comment ever on my jaw line from anybody except a certain photo guy.

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