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Nerds make me ? HNT

Posted on: October 27, 2011

nerds make me

I have been called a nerd, dork, and weirdo many times.
Is that a bad thing anymore?

I see a lot of shirts lately with stuff like “Nerds make me wet” and “talk nerdy to me” on them.
“I Love Nerds” with a heart shape instead of the “love” is sold all over.
What is your take on the nerdy love going round and just for fun answer me this.

Nerds make me ________.


26 Responses to "Nerds make me ? HNT"

…want to go out and buy those glasses and catch up on my Big Bang Theory dvrs

I’m not as nerdy as those guys


… smile.

I adore your specs and your gorgeous eyes…

….smile! I wish I could rock black horn rimmed glasses like that and still look great like you do.

Thanks, but my cousin calls these glasses my birth control glasses because they stop people from hitting on me. lol

…feel right at home. Great pic, hot glasses! Happy HNT!

Happy HNT to you too, even though it is Friday now. 🙂

Ever since the start of “The Big Bang Theory” being nerdy is cool… not that there was anything wrong with it to begin with.


I was obviously ahead of the fashion trend.
Great picture link. She is very hot and nerdy.

Happy I’m not alone in my taste for clothes.

Just have to say once more that “I love your costume!”

Nerds make me…..swoon!
I mean the real nerds though.
Like my my ex who could deffrentiate and tell me the scientic names of the clouds as we gazed at them at the park! (I knew how to also but I didn’t tell him. I let him impress me)
I was wrapped around his finger after that. 🙂
Love the nerd post!


I’m not a science nerd.
Though I did pull honors all through school and I read more than I should to be on the cool kids list.
I never went with the sciences except in relation to animals.
I even won a few Hippology ribbons.

Aww I like nerds too. They make me smile, in a fond way. Of course, I’m somewhat of a geek myself… 😀

Geeks rule Elle!
I am an alternative fashionista and geek extraordinaire.

horny baby! i love me some nerds.. but imma nerd so call it nerd love!

Very Austin Powers “Horny baby”
lol, share the nerd love!

Nerds make me Dizzy with Desire… 😛

You look so cute with those glasses.

Thank you Sophia, they are actually one of my most comfortable pairs of glasses.

…hot. This guy DEFINITELY makes passes at girls who wear glasses.


Well then, you wouldn’t believe how many don’t make passes at girls in glasses.
When i have them on it is almost like I have a sign over my head that says “stay away.”

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