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love gloves

Posted on: November 17, 2011

Ooh, panties ’round your knees, with your ass in the breeze
Doin’ that grind with a push and squeeze
Tied up, tied down, up against the wall
Be my rubbermaid baby, and we can do it all

Some like to skinny dip and some like a wet-suit.

Call it a love glove or cock sock. Maybe a raincoat is what you say.
Condoms are needed in this world of madness.
Sir Richards's Condoms

No safe sex spiel coming. Half the time I need one myself to be honest.
I’m basically showing off these Sir Richard’s condoms because I think if you are going to buy condoms you should buy these because for every Sir Richard’s condom bought, they give one condom to a country in need. They even have a mini slogan – “Doing good never felt better.”
In America safe sex is wise, but it is a choice. Some countries are eaten up with disease and condoms are not readily available. That sucks.
So be cool and buy these guys if you buy condoms.
Hope you noticed I am not saying “Go buy condoms.” I know people will do whatever the hell they want, but if you are a condom user then why the heck not do somebody else some good too?

I also urge you to check out Sir Richard’s blog and
their Facebook.

Sir Richards Pleasure Dots

Now to make this HNT fun instead of all serious, What is your favorite slang term for a condom or the act of putting on a condom?
I will start “Put a hat on.” πŸ™‚

Happy HNT everyone.

Oh, and I almost forgot.
You can get them direct from Sir Richard’s site, or from my favorite sexy store – Babeland.
Hope I made these condoms look appealing in the pictures. I kept them in the package because the package looks classy and once out of the package it just looks like a regular condom. I do love the plaid though.

So what is your favorite condom slang term?

20 Responses to "love gloves"

Sausage casing?

That one is funny. Might be a little gross though. Sausage isn’t a sexy description. ha ha

From years ago…wearing a poncho.

Nice PSA!

I like that one, and thanks. I’m just trying to do my part πŸ˜‰

Put a rain coat on… Happy HNT

I live in the NW. Probably rains 3/4 of the year here. I think of something way different when I hear that one. I do know it though.

Hmmm… I usually go with formal terminology but I’m not above joking about ‘weiner wrappers’ πŸ˜€


~Kazi xxx

weiner wrappers is cute. Sounds like candy. ha ha

love those new dickies

That is a European one isn’t it?

put on a hat before you hit dat

dayum babe, you are smoking hot in these pics, condom in mouth, phew!

So a condom in a girls mouth is suggestive?

Not like anybody rips those packs open with their teeth or anything. ha ha

“rubber”, but only because in Revolting Cock’s version of “Do you think I’m sexy”, they say “Now hold on a minute, before we go much further, give me a buck, so I can buy a rubber” πŸ˜€

You look adorable and you do make me want to try these out. Though generally speaking, I hate condoms. πŸ˜›

Given the choice I think everyone would like no condom. Who really loves condoms?

I’m a raincoat kind of gal too. Although, a plaid ‘coat’ would be something to see.

Cute shots…

Plaid raincoats are cool. I so wish the condoms themselves came plaid.

It reminds me of the saying No glove, no love. Super fun post!

That is a saying they need to start teaching kids young.

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