Pocket RockettZ

la-di-da-di-da Holiday

Posted on: November 24, 2011

pocket buns
Better late than never?
Hope so.
Cell phone pics fancied up a bit.
Time for one of my favorite holidays too.
Starts at midnight.
Black Friday.
Retail Slut Heaven.
I’m ready.
Shoppers beware. “Those shoes are mine!”

Have fun stuffing yourselves,
and happy HNT


5 Responses to "la-di-da-di-da Holiday"

Hope you come out of it without any battle scars!!

love that 2nd pic down…oh, okay, i REALLY love that third pic down

as long as it isn’t rebecca BLACK friday, i’m down


I love the pics, especially the third one down… I hope you enjoy the holidays cutie!!!

Woo-hoo! nice effect 🙂
And have fun at the sales… personally I go nowhere near a mall from now ’til New Year’s!


~Kazi xxx

Great shots! You look adorable and sexy in all of them, but the third is wonderful! Beautiful legs and a gorgeous rear view! Happy (belated) Thanksgiving and HHNT!

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