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Random HNT

Posted on: December 7, 2011

Random cell phone pictures

live fast die pretty

Live Fast & Die Pretty

New T-Shirt

Yes my dog has a rain coat

My dog is ready for a rainy walk

You do dress your dog appropriately for the weather don’t you?

my horse

We have talked horses here before I think

We all need our exercise.


can't wait for strawberry season to come back around

Happy HNT!

14 Responses to "Random HNT"

1: dye, don’t die, pretty one
2: my cat’s christmas present
3: i feel like Atreyu
4: strawberry-flavored condoms, check

1. Not planning on death this week.
2. My dog eats ninja tigers for breakfast
3. Did you know Artax was afraid of mud forever after the swamp incident?
4. Strawberries leave a sexy aftertaste.

1-I like the t-shirt cutie!!
2-now your dog is adorable in that outfit I never had to dress my dog since I’m in California.
3-save a horse ride a cowboy comes to mind. Lol
4-I’m with you on the strawberries miss them!!


1. I love that shirt. Was so excited when I found it.
2. Maybe a doggie umbrella to guard from to much sunshine?
3. I’m a cowgirl in disguise.
4. That is because strawberries should be in season all year long.

Hee! great pics! my favourite is the tee shirt 🙂


~Kazi xxx

I’ve worn it to work twice now since I got it. It is the perfect wear it with jeans shirt for my work.

You’ve got the ‘pretty’ part taken care of!

Thank you Osbasso. I try to live fast too because you never know when it ends, but lately all I seem to do is work.

Your pictures always capture your joie de vivre so perfectly! Great shots. The T-shirt is very appropriate for you, and I’ve never wanted to be a strawberry until I saw the last picture.


Just so you know, I had to google joie de vivre just now. lol

Great pictures, you look adorable. The dog in the pink rain coat is pretty cute too 😉

Thanks Elle. I will pass the compliment on to my little fur ball.
Sometimes dogs are not to sure they want to wear coats. The compliment will help.

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