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Oh Christmas Tree

Posted on: December 14, 2011

The Tree HNT

I decided to go all out and use click-throughs on my pictures for this HNT because Half Nekkid Thursdays are coming to a close.
I will be sad to see it go, but I understand why.
All good things come to an end they say.

I hope you like my TREE HNT.

My Christmas Tree HNT

Click me click me

Did you click me?
You better have clicked me.

I love this picture, I like how my hair frames my face and the way my back looks. What do you think? - Click me for a different picture.

Did you click that one?
I’m getting excited now. This is fun.
I should have done these click-through things the whole time.

One last Click!

I know if you clicked the first two you must have clicked this last one.

I can’t wait to see all your trees.

Happy HNT everyone!

34 Responses to "Oh Christmas Tree"

Oh, I agree! Click-throughs would have been wonderful all this time!

And it’s not the size of the tree that’s important, it’s the spirit. And you’ve got it! Then again, I applaud your choice of a small tree so that it doesn’t upstage you!

Merry Christmas, m’dear!

Thanks Osbasso, I was very worried about being upstaged by my tree.

How cute and fun! I LOVE the 6 pictures for the price of 3!

6 for the price of three, he he. I am a bargain shopper, so i love that.

You are the absolute personification of really, really cute. Very fun HNT this week. Keep smiling and sharing. You have me smiling here as well.

Happy HNT!

Happy to cause smiles. Tiz the season for smiles 😀

Your tree is the absolute perfect size, and your Christmas HNT is delightful! As always, you are cute, fun, and very, very sexy! We love it!

Perfect size? I’m wondering what kind of tiny presents I am going to receive under it though. lol
I know it wont be a new saddle or a flat screen tv.
Probably just some earrings, jewelry is always nice.

I don’t think there was ever any risk of you being upstaged by ANY christmas tree! Let alone this one. Great shots indeed, and I just love the decorations! 😉 Very cute!!

Thank you 🙂
I spent a lot of time picking out my “decorations” so I am glad they got noticed.

Fab pics, loved all the click-throughs! 🙂


~Kazi xxx

Thank you, I really had fun with them. I did some click-throughs before, but rarely. Really wish i had done it more.

You really made me smile with this one…. so much fun and you can see in your eyes and smile how much you enjoyed taking these pictures. I agree about your back by the way but then I have a thing about backs


I have a thing about backs too.
These were fun to do. Happy to make you smile, and happy HNT!

Your pictures always make me smile and feel cheerful, like the feeling you have running around with friends and doing silly stuff.

That is a super nice compliment Joel. The feeling you described is awesome and it makes me happy to know I can make a person feel that way with pictures.
Thank you.

Yay! Fun! And so much of it. Delicious.

Delicious? Oh no, I thought I was going to be upstaged by my tree, and now I have to compete with Christmas cookies too! ha ha

Looks like you had fun taking these pictures! So fun and sexy.

I really did. I have my expressionistic moments. 🙂

oh babe, did i ever click! i love your tree, your bush, your…oh sorry about that, it’s just that christmas has come early for me

really cool back tat there, the yellow one, is that a lady smoking? i think that’s my favorite of yours

wow……………………………….:O 🙂 :D……………..wow

M <—–here's a couple of santa hats

Click click click 🙂
Merry early Christmas.
The tattoo is of Cruella de Vil, and yes she is smoking.

ah yes, cruella, of course it’s cruella, i must have been distracted with other things 😉

Whatever could you be talking about ?
Other things?
Oh wait, I know. The tree!

That’s a lovely little tree. You definitely outshine it though. Beautiful!

sexy/cute. Looks like you had fun! And yeaaaa I forgot my tree. But I’ll take those spankings now please 😉

I need your address, I’ll be over with my paddle in ten minutes.

Fabulous and sexy click throughs! Your pics show what it really means to spread Christmas cheer.

I ended up having a lot of cheer this year.

Ooh… You’re the epitome of a sexy, kittenish Christmas treat in this delectable series of shots…

You even give compliments in a sexy way minx. “meow”

You’re just way too cute!

It’s probably just the tree making you think so.
Little tress make everything cute. lol

Thank you.

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