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Goodbye HNT

Posted on: December 28, 2011

Goodbye HNT

See ya
See you later
So long
Y’all come back now

My last HNT

Sad to see it it end,
but all things must pass.
Thank you for a fun time,
and happy last Half Nekkid Thursday!

Half naked for my last Half Nekkid Thursday

Check out who else got half Nekkid for the last time.

35 Responses to "Goodbye HNT"

It’s really too bad you didn’t find us much earlier!
That’s a smile to die for!

Thank you.

Thanks Osbasso.
I had found you earlier, but I didn’t have the right sort of blog for HNT . It was one I had started when I was a teen and most of the people who read it weren’t even 18..
I think all in all though I made 35+ HNT posts. 🙂

As usual, you are equal parts cute, sexy, and playful. We will miss your HNTs, but we hope you’ll still see fit to treat us to that smile (and that body!) from time to time.

Thank you. I do plan on getting back to my reviews so i will still be posting pictures of one sort or another.

I love the way your panties and the background of the sign match up and you have a very infectious smile


I’m so glad you noticed the panties matched !!!

I agree with Os… a smile to die for. Cheers!

Thank you. I thought the first one was kinda funny myself, but decided to go with it.
Cheers to you!

Os hit on it, the smile is the best part.

Thank you Bat.
I was a bit selfconscious about my smiles when I first started with HNT.

I’m with everyone else on this one… your cuteness, your smile and your sexiness always has a positive influence on my mood. Keep smiling and people around you will smile too… no doubt

Thank you. I am hoping for a smile filled new year. Never know, but I have my fingers crossed.
Hope your new year is smile filled too.

oh, is doesn’t have to be the end, does it? an end is only the start of a beginning, right? or were my yoga masters all off?

see you “next time”, pretty!

A new beginning, hmmmm, I did drop out of yoga this year. Maybe I need to try and pick it back up.

You’re so cute! Love it.
Happy Final HNT.

Thank you, and Happy Half Nekkid Thursday to you too for one last time.

Such a cute smile and sexy body. Def. one of my favorite HNT peeps. Its going to be sad for the end of the HNT. That doesn’t mean you have to put on clothes though 😉 See you around!

Thanks 😀
I usually only take them off in front of a camera for my HNT posts. Maybe I will need to get a bit bare in my toy reviews from time to time.

You are friggin’ adorable! And sexy! And adorable!

I love the word “friggin.” Thank you Mia.

I second all of the above, you are sexy and adorable.

Thank you.
It was just today in reading your final HNT post that I realized I should have done a series of sock pictures. I love fun socks. You have inspired me to post something for HNT and it is over.

HNT may be over, but half nekkid or even full nekkid pictures isn’t. I look forward a lot more of yours and my sock pictures.

Awesome final photos! Love them.

Happy final HNT!

Thank you, wish it didn’t have to be the final one, but all great things must come to an end.
Happy final HNT!

Bundles of cuteness! An infectious smile indeed!

Thank you Mina.
BTW, I just recently took the time to really read through your blog instead of just your HNT posts which is usually what I do.
Very interesting stuff to be found and I like what you have to say.

What can I say that the lovelies before me haven’t already uttered with such perfection?

I know… These gorgeous, adorable and sexy shots take the sting out of the goodbye.

Happy Final HNT, lovely…

Fun and flirty post! It may be goodbye to HNT but I hope it’s not the last we see of you!

I’ve only been following you for a few posts and already have the smallest of crushes. You are way too cute! Keep it up!

Hey perky girl 🙂
Have always loved your HNT posts, hope you continue to express yourself!!


~Kazi xxx

Well aren’t you creative! And lovely. Happy final HNT.

Hey, missed all the fun!!! Better late then never, right?? Love the final HNT here, you are so darn sexy!!

You are glowing! What a fantastic smile 🙂 You make me smile.

Love this HNT. Love the color…love the vitality of it all. It’s so UP! Like you.

Good work!!!


P.s. I really like your hair.

Bah humbug to my blog ignoring. Think I am going to start posting again.
Thank you all for the sweet comments. I haven’t been on here since December 29th.

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