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Posted on: January 18, 2012

I was going to do a tanning lotion review.
Hemp2 10x Bronzer.
Who am I kidding though? I’m never very tan. I don’t want to be tan. I like being white. It makes my tattoos show up better.
I do not like being ghost white though so when winter is here like now I do pop into the sun bed for 10 minutes once every week or so to make sure I don’t start to glow with whiteness.

hemp2 bronzer for tanning

I work in a hair salon. One with a tanning salon attached. They sell about a million different tanning products.
O.K. more like a hundred, but it is a lot no matter how you count it.
This is the stuff I like and one of the most popular with the other girls too.
It goes on nice, it doesn’t burn me, and my little ten minute sessions every week or every other week keep me from glowing when I use it.
It is a hemp product.
I’m pro hemp products. We carry about a dozen tanning products with hemp at the salon. It does your skin good.

What it says on Amazon – Hemp2 10x Bronzer Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion W/ Hemp 9oz 10x bronzer – Ten times the darkest color Hemp seed oil – superb skin moisturizer Skin firming – Helps improve appearance of skin

2009 Hemp2 10x Bronzer Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion w/ Hemp 9oz
Good stuff!

Being a stylist is hell on a girls nails.
I’m a penny pinching bargain hunter and go as low cost as I can with a lot of things, but polish is always a bad thing to bargain hunt for when your hard on your nails.
Take for example this picture.

chipped polish
I bought the stuff at wally world. It cost me less than the gas to get there I would guess, but look at the results.
I painted my nails in the morning before work and didn’t get a chance to put new polish on that night. It had already started to chip off.
By mid work day on day two I had nails like this.
My nails are stained bad from hair color too, so it isn’t like I can just strip it off and go natural.

Now look at this next picture.

hard nail polish that didn't chip away at work
That is 3 days of use at work. Three full days.
The color is called Papaya Punch and it is part of the China Glaze Island Escape Collection.
This stuff goes on smooth, and takes abuse.
The color in this picture is more orange than what it really looks like.
Doesn’t matter though.
This is more about China Glaze than a particular color.
If your tough on nails this is a polish you should try.
We sell it in the salon, but my cheap ass wouldn’t buy it until I saw this orange.

China Glaze Polish

In this picture you see the color a little better, but it is still a little off.
China Glaze Nail Lacquer – Long wearing with hardeners and features great coverage and is DBP Free.
It is good stuff and I like it
Try it!

Here is the Papaya Punch on Amazon…
China Glaze Island Escape Collection Papaya Punch 80701 (15ml – 0.5oz)

Want the entire set?
Amazon has that too!
China Glaze Island Escape Collection Set

Red Cherry

Posted on: June 7, 2011

Like my eyes?
They are enhanced.
In these pictures I have no makeup on except a bit of liner.
Liner is a must.
What you are seeing are false eyelashes.
I usually go with fun and funky ones, but also go the traditional route of using plain realistic looking ones sometimes.

red cherry eyelashes are fun and sexy

Red Cherry.
That’s my brand.
I use no other.
Red Cherry lashes are low cost and look fab.

The picture below is my eyes with just the liner.
These are the lashes I have decided to demo for you because they are some of my favorites, but again I will say – “I use all styles.”

red cherry is my lash of choice

Red Cherry lashes are made by the same Manufacturer as MAC Lashes so I am told.
I believe it because I can’t tell the difference except in price.

This next picture is the lashes on.

What do you think?


red cherry sparkle and glitter

Here are a few examples of the lashes from my collection.

fun red cherry eyelashes for play time

I’m not alone in my Red Cherry Love. I read someplace that Kim Kardashian and her family only use Red Cherry Human Hair Eyelashes.
That is good company in my world. I’m not a Kardashian fan, but you have to love those lashes they sport.

Girls – Buy lashes.
Even if you are not into everyday use like me they are great for going out on weekends.
If your not as flamboyant as me, (who is?) Go with a natural look. They will make you feel sexy and people will look with lust in their hearts.

Not into strangers lusting you?
Get some for your sexy dress up times with your partner.
If using natural ones I would suggest not mentioning them. Fake lashes have more power if the viewer doesn’t know you have them on.

Or go my style and get flamboyant.
The first Red Cherry lashes I ever had was a spider web set

red cherry lashes and smiles

To make this an official type review i suppose I should mention places to get Red Cherry lashes.
Max Wigs has some fun colored Red Cherry lashes.
Here is the light blue feather lashes I show above in my collection example. They have more too.
Halloween Town is a good place for some of the more crazy Red Cherry lashes.
Then again, if you are going to go the more traditional route I would say Amazon.
Big ass selection of Red Cherry at kick ass low prices.

Red Cherry Eyelashes on Amazon.com

Lashes are fun. Give them a try.

Did you notice I never applied makeup through this whole review?

Gonna get crazy with my new hair…

Getting crazy with my new hair for my new site

Getting crazy with my new hair for my new site


I’ll come clean, I didn’t do this for my website move.

I did it because I wanted to get back to that softer pink I used to have.

Bleach is wonderful.

I love getting colored up

I love getting colored up


Results to come at a later date!


Sinfully sweet!

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