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I have mentioned a few times that I am sensitive to a lot of chemicals down where I really don’t want to be sensitive.
I need mild and calm when it comes to lubes.

Let me introduce you to Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant.

Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant

Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant

How much do I love this stuff?
Well, let me put it this way- When I have over done it with some other nasty burning product and caused my clit to go from the size of a pencil eraser to the size of a large grape I actually use this stuff as a soothing lube the next morning.
It stops the burn (mostly) and keeps the rubbing down.

For a regular use lube I will admit it is good, but I like slicker things for inserting toys other types (usually causing the swelling) for clitoral toy use.

If I am having regular sex with a guy though this is good stuff.

It feels natural. If you want the natural girl lube feeling I give this stuff an A+
If you want to not get chemicals all over your fun spots you will give it an A+ too.

When I looked the stuff up on the official page at Blossom Organics site this is what I found for a description –
“Expertly formulated by a woman as the naturally pure choice for mindful women seeking heightened intimacy. pH balanced to mimic a woman’s natural chemistry and free of harsh ingredients, this water-based lubricant is non-irritating and provides long-lasting moisture for enhanced pleasure.”

They even give directions!
“USAGE: Apply a desired amount of moisturizing lubricant to your intimate areas. Reapply as needed. Latex-friendly. Gentle enough for daily use to relieve vaginal dryness.”

Intimate areas. I love that. lol
I actually consider my toes to be intimate areas, but I am not going there with this lube.
For all you guys and girls that think toes on (or in) your “intimate areas” is great let me say that silicone lubes are the lubes of choice for a good bit of footsie play.
This stuff just isn’t slick enough or long lasting enough for that.

Again from the official page at Blossom Organics site
100% free of harsh ingredients
Formulated without parabens, petroleum, silicones, alcohol, hormones, artificial dyes, flavorings or fragrances.
pH balanced for a woman
Latex-friendly, glycerin-free, water-based formula
Naturally pure organic ingredients

Sounds good? It is.
You can buy this stuff right off the shelf at Pharmaca in Seattle, and I would guess all their other locations.
Or you can get it online (and maybe at their retail stores) through
Babeland because they rock like that.
I actually should know if they have it in their stores because I have been in the Seattle one a few times. I guess I just get distracted by the dildos and forget to check out the lubes. ha ha.
If you ever get a chance to visit a Babeland store I suggest you do it. The people working in them actually know about the stuff they sell and can talk about stuff without sounding like ass hats.
They also don’t act weird if you happen to be with another girl.
Go Babeland!

I got this Please Pleasure Cream from a friend after telling her how much I liked the Please cream lube. (That’s a link to my post on it)
She did NOT like the pleasure cream because it wasn’t any good for use as a real lube and thinks it isn’t cool to make a product for a pussy that isn’t supposed to go inside the pussy.
I on the other hand LOVED this stuff.
My obsession with pocket rocket vibes (thus my blogging name – duh) goes hand in hand with stuff like this.
I am more into clitoral stimulation than internal stimulation with vibes.
Think half a dozen times a day with a pocket rocket vs maybe once every other day with any other kind of vibe.
Thats how I roll.

Pleased with please label products

Pleased to say the least!

Please Pleasure Cream is meant for girls like me.
Just a tiny bit on my clit and it gives a fun little tingle and a combo cool/warm sensation at the same time.
The higher I set my vibrations on my pocket rocket the warmer it gets.

It is supposed to be good for other stuff, but I tried it on my nipples and didn’t like it.
Not taking any points away for that though.
It worked wonders where I wanted it to most.

please me tingle lube


Here is why I think it is such a cool product besides it doing wonders for my vibe sessions and giving me wonder tingles – I didn’t swell up afterwards.
I’m a bit sensitive to most warming/cooling/tingling products.
Chemicals I guess, and I’m never sure what ones are the culprits.
My clit usually swells to double the size after using these types of products and takes between and hour and all night to go back to normal even after I wash really well.
Sometimes the swelling is a bit fun, but often it burns bad and is not a great thing.
This stuff didn’t do that.
It’s the menthol in it that gives the tingles and the rest of the ingredients are more soothing than irritating.
Stuff I mostly know what is too.

Please Pleasure Cream Ingredients:
Shea butter, Sweet Almond oil, Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil, Sesame Oil, Avocado Oil, Menthol, Essential Oil blend of Orange, Chamomile and Coriander, Candililla wax, Aloe Vera Gel, Lanolin, Elder, Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Preservative complex of Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea, and Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate.

Those last three I don’t know, but the rest is everyday natural ingredients.

However you slice it the pleasure cream gave me goose bumps in a good way and caused me no problems.

You can get Please Pleasure Cream from GoodVibes. (and it kicks ass)

Please me with this creamy lube

Please Me!


This is Please Cream Lube.
It Rocks!

Let me tell you why it rocks.

  1. It is smooth and creamy.
  2. It lasts a bit longer than the cream type lube I have been using.
  3. The sticky level after a while goes up, but not to the point of annoying like most water based lube.
  4. Non clear lubes are better to see in dim light so you don’t make a mess.
  5. Non clear lube isn’t sexy looking and this stuff pretty much turns invisible.
  6. Though it doesn’t taste good, it didn’t give me a gag taste when my bf kissed me after going down on me after we had used it. It was close to tasteless.
  7. Please cream is just thick enough to not run all over the place yet thin enough to feel natural.
  8. Didn’t leave me itchy the day after like a lot of lubes do. “I’m sensitive.”
  9. Got A+ from the bf for its masturbation qualities.
  10. Washed right off in seconds without any problems.
Please Cream Lube

Please Cream Lube


This stuff is obviously on my top list for good all around lubes.

Please cream looks like lotion

Looks like a lotion


In case you are allergic to stuff here are the Please Cream Ingredients:
Deionized Water, Propylene Glycol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Isopropyl Palmitate, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone, Cellulose Gum, Polysorbate-60, Immidazolidinyl Urea, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Lactic Acid, Disodium EDTA.

Please Cream Lubricant is available at Good Vibes, along with a plethora of other great lubes and lotions.
Whatever you’re looking for in a lube you can get it at Good Vibes.

Sinfully sweet!

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