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Better picture of the hair. (referring to yesterdays post)
Also my cute Valentine’s day dress, but it isn’t Valentine’s day yet.
I won’t be posting on Valentine’s, but wanted to have a fun post for it.

“Happy Early Valentine’s Day!”
lovely glass toy and me

The whole outfit.
Lucky date?
I’m not so sure because my latest may not be my greatest.
Guess I will see.

the whole package

What am I holding you may wonder?
It is a glass massage wand (sometimes called a dildo) made by SSA Glass that is extra special cute because it has red hearts and says “I love you” written around it.
The writing sticks up on the glass a bit to give texture, but it is very little texture.
Besides the design this is a very average glass wand (dildo) of average length (a bit over seven inches long) and of average girth (just under one and a half inches in diameter) with a nice fun tip on the end.
Average is a good thing when it comes to glass wands (dildos) because the reason average exists in the world of glass wands (dildos) is because most people like that particular size and shape.

Valentine’s day is NOT the only time to be giving a sweet heart a present.
Any day is good, but if it is for someone you love it doesn’t get any cooler than this.

I got mine as a gift from Snow White, who got it for free as a review product. Here is her review.
I do not review for the company she got it from.
(Just call it a dildo)

I’m using this post to show off my hair, but the Picobong KiKi vibe is my excuse for the post.
I don’t have any cool stories to tell about using this little thing yet, but I can say it is a fun little vibe.

fun pink vibe

I like the cuteness of it first off. It is silicone with a hard plastic cap on the back. Mine is pink, but it also comes in a nice blue color too.
All Picobong vibes have 12 different vibration patterns and multiple speeds. That is a lot of options in a pocket-sized vibrator that you can take anyplace.
I am simple though and have just been using it on a steady middle of the road regular vibe setting.
All Picobong vibes have a 2-button interface that is easy to use. That is good because if it gets complicated it ruins the fun. I hate when a vibrator has so many buttons it is like figuring out a remote control for a combo Blu-Ray, dvd, TV, stereo, game system.
This toy is also submersible so it is good for the bath.
The shape is really nice too. The flat part at the end is good for applying pressure and if you use just the tip you can get super targeted.
I guess this vibe would be fine to insert, but I haven’t used it that way.

So, that is my sex toy talk of the day.
More pictures of my fabulously fun hairdo are coming your way tomorrow.


Ooh, panties ’round your knees, with your ass in the breeze
Doin’ that grind with a push and squeeze
Tied up, tied down, up against the wall
Be my rubbermaid baby, and we can do it all

Some like to skinny dip and some like a wet-suit.

Call it a love glove or cock sock. Maybe a raincoat is what you say.
Condoms are needed in this world of madness.
Sir Richards's Condoms

No safe sex spiel coming. Half the time I need one myself to be honest.
I’m basically showing off these Sir Richard’s condoms because I think if you are going to buy condoms you should buy these because for every Sir Richard’s condom bought, they give one condom to a country in need. They even have a mini slogan – “Doing good never felt better.”
In America safe sex is wise, but it is a choice. Some countries are eaten up with disease and condoms are not readily available. That sucks.
So be cool and buy these guys if you buy condoms.
Hope you noticed I am not saying “Go buy condoms.” I know people will do whatever the hell they want, but if you are a condom user then why the heck not do somebody else some good too?

I also urge you to check out Sir Richard’s blog and
their Facebook.

Sir Richards Pleasure Dots

Now to make this HNT fun instead of all serious, What is your favorite slang term for a condom or the act of putting on a condom?
I will start “Put a hat on.” 🙂

Happy HNT everyone.

Oh, and I almost forgot.
You can get them direct from Sir Richard’s site, or from my favorite sexy store – Babeland.
Hope I made these condoms look appealing in the pictures. I kept them in the package because the package looks classy and once out of the package it just looks like a regular condom. I do love the plaid though.

So what is your favorite condom slang term?

If only it said RockettZ

it is a cute pink pocket rocket vibrator

You know I love my Pocket Rockets.
This one is extra cool because it actually says “Pocket Rocket” in a style that reminds me of both cartoons and toys. I don’t know why the font reminds me of that, but it does, and I like it.
It is also PINK!
Pink just makes it more fun.

close up of the pink pocket rocket

Pocket Rockets are my favorite toys. They are low cost, easy to clean, and they do the trick.
They almost never break, and they pretty much all take just one AA battery. I hate having to buy expensive or hard to find batteries for my vibrators.
Besides the looks of this pocket rocket there isn’t anything that makes it stand out from all the others, but as you all know I think looks are important and pink kicks ass.

This pocket rocket is 4 inches long, it has average power for a pocket rocket style vibe, it is made of hard plastic, comes with a little studded cover or tip attachment if you want to call it that, and has lasted through many uses by both myself and one other person without problems.
In general that makes it a very average pocket rocket, which makes sense because it is also barely above the mid-point price wise as far as pocket rockets go.

I have found that when buying a pocket rocket you are in general getting less rattle and a smoother buzz the higher up the price ladder you climb. Besides that your just paying for the looks.

My only bitch about this one would be that it isn’t waterproof.
I don’t usually use this sort of toy in the bath or shower anyway, but it is nice to have the option.

This Pocket Rocket is available at Good vibes.

for the sake of being sexy with my pocket rocket

This last picture is totally unneeded for review purposes, but I am not a paid reviewer anyway and mostly buy my own toys, get them as gifts, or snag them from my friends, so I am allowed to deviate as much as I want from what is considered a normal review.
The reason for this picture is simply because I am an attention whore and like pictures of myself.
I’m not really sure if that is completely true, but I can’t think of a better excuse. I think my 2 top reasons for talking about sex toys may actually be 1) to talk about sex toys 2) to have a reason to post pictures of myself.
I also love to share great toys so people don’t buy crap, but do I need pictures at all to do that?
If I do need pictures, wouldn’t one like the second picture be enough?
Nah, screw that. I’m all about being an internet exhibitionist.

Signing out, Hasta la vista, baby

This was my last Pocket Rockets post.
Pocket RockettZ on pocket rockets HNT
I did it as a Half Nekkid Thursday post and talked about being addicted to Pocket Rockets.

Is this not one of the cutest butt plugs you have ever seen?
It is called a Pop Plug and they are not just cute, they are also the shiznit.
urbandictionary.com for those who don’t dig my 90’s slang. lol
To the point = Pop Plugs Rock!

pop plug butt plugs are good for fun

I was introduced to this little fellow last weekend by a friend.
I liked my introduction so much I have borrowed it semi permanently.

The Pop plug fits PERFECT for me. Most plugs are too bulky or have to large of a drop in size from the head area to the neck for me. That sort of thing is painful. This plug is smooth and tapered. It goes in easy and stays in place, but also comes out without any ouch.

If you look close you can see that a seam runs down the side. It is not noticeable when you are using it. I actually didn’t notice it until I got around to studying it for this post.

small pink butt plug

Proper review time.
Pop Plugs are made by Doc Johnson and are offered in three sizes, small, medium, and large.
This one I have fallen in love with is a size medium. I have not seen the other sizes in person so can’t tell you much about them, but I can say the size medium is perfect for me.

Pop Plugs are made of 100% silicone so they can be boiled between uses. That makes these perfect for sharing.
I’m sure you guessed that though because of how I acquired mine. Don’t just share any old plug people. Many plugs are porous and can’t be sterilized between uses. The anus is obviously full of many types of bacteria you don’t want to share.
If you want a really hard plug instead of a squishy soft one like this then I suggest glass if you plan on sharing your plug.
That includes all you monogamous couples out there who think “if she has it I have it.”
That isn’t true. Don’t share your plugs with each other unless you sterilize them between uses. You will eventually end up sorry if you do.

Safety lecture over.

So, these are silicone, easy to clean, can be sterilized, tapered for easy in and out, cute as all get out, and I love them.
The ring on the base after the flair is soft and squishy too. That makes it so you don’t have anything hard poking out to annoy your partner.
If you have ever used a plug with a hard ring poking out you will know why that can be annoying to your partner. Squishy equals comfort and no painful eye poking if your partner is orally helping you out while the plug is in.
It also makes it so if by chance you are a woman in doggy position and your partner is fucking you while your plug is in it wont be jabbing them painfully in the stomach if they get going fast.
Talk about a killjoy situation for them. Who wants something hard jabbing them in the stomach on every in thrust?

pop plugs are fun little butt plugs

Pop plugs = They are Da bomb, tight, hot, rad, sick, and totally dope.
Urban dictionary time again?
So says Pocket!
Extra coolness, these cute plugs are available at my favorite place for sex toys.
Pop Plugs are available at Babeland!
Shop women friendly, sex positive, ethical stores girls!

Ever have a really good g-spot orgasm to the point you see stars and feel funny afterwards?
I get them on rare occasions. They leave me with legs shaking and I feel body heavy.
I sometimes actually feel a bit stoned after a really good one.

Usually I am an all external vibrations girl. At least I am a usually external vibrations girl. Clitoral stimulation does the trick for me, but it is nice to switch things up too.
I can get by with most any small clit vibe if it has power. I have my favorites, but most can do the trick.
Internal vibrations are different. I don’t cum from internal stimulation as well. It can be a bonus if I am buzzing outside too, but that is usually the only way to get a good orgasm when going inside with a vibrator.
Getting a true G-spot orgasm is even trickier. I really have to search around to find that perfect spot.
Check out the Berman Venus G Vibe!
It is like a G-spot dagger with orgasm being it’s target.

toasty feeling after an orgasm that melts my brain

This g-spot magic wand may not be much to look at, but I think that is why it works.
You just slide it on in and search about until you get your target. I am at about 90% success rate with this simple sex tool for finding my G.
My theory is that the sex toy makers have tried so damn hard to make stuff fancy that they forget simple can do it best sometimes.
This simple tool is 9 inches long with just enough of a curve at the end to let you get it right where you need it.
It isn’t thick at all. Lay it across a ruler and it looks like about an inch. The ridges I guess could be fun for thrusting, but I haven’t used this vibrator in a way that they really make a difference.
The purple stuff is smooth silicone so you can bleach it clean if you catch your friend with it in the bathroom.
That was a joke, but I have on more than one occasion caught people messing around with my toys without permission.
It takes two triple A batteries to power it, and they last a good while in it.
That is about it.
Long story short, there isn’t much to say about this except it is a great sex tool to get your G-spot.
If you can’t find your G-spot, and you are more of a clitty viber like myself, then I would go as far to say it may be the best G-spot discovery tool I have ever had the pleasure to play with.

You can get the Berman Venus G Vibrator at Babeland Sex Toys

get it here

The August list of sex toy reviews is up and there is plenty to see.

Sex Toy Review List August

If you are wanting a new toy and don’t know exactly what you want, then you should check out this months Big List on Real Sex Toy Reviews.
Cool stuff for realz homies.

I am leaving that last line along with rating on myself.
I am so un-cool I realised when writing that because I actually have no idea how a person is supposed to spell homies.
Oh well, who cares? If you are the type to call people homies in real life then you probably don’t know how to spell it either.

Sinfully sweet!

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