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Flash Fiction Friday

The challenge for this Friday, 8-19-11, was to use the picture above to write a flash fiction of 69-99 words including the phrase “…curl of [noun]…”

Flash Fiction Friday!

“Why did you have to kill him Kimberly?” I asked as my head swirled with the possible implications.
“He deserved it.” was all she said.
“You could have just hurt him Kim.” I said in a soft voice, knowing my despair was showing.
Kim laughed as she stared at the curl of smoke rising up from her cigaret.
“What is so fucking funny?” I asked her.
“You are.” she replied.
“why? I sighed.
“Because you would probably be dead now if I hadn’t killed that sick bastard.” she said.
I felt what little strength I had drain from me as I thought about the nights events.
It was bound to happen eventually. A trick would go bad. Having things go this bad, I never would have imagined though. Lucky I had Kim along, but she always took things to far.
Remembering the thuds as she kept hitting him made me sick.
Kimberly’s voice cut through my haze with “What the fuck are you crying for?”
“We are going to go to jail Kim.” I said through my tears.
Kim laughed again and said “Don’t worry about it sugar, you think this is the first sick fucker I have had to deal with?”
I looked up at her and felt a chill run down my spine as I saw the strange expression on her face.

I went a bit over on words this time because I had this story in mind immediately on first site of the picture, and try as I might I couldn’t shorten it any more than I did here to get across what I wanted.

It is Flash Fiction Friday once again.
The challenge for this Friday, 8-5-11, was to use the picture you see below to write a flash fiction of 80-160 words with the required phrase “…strangled cry…” included in the story.

fill me fast

I was hungry for it. It had been almost two months since I had gotten any, and that was just wrong.
Men always think it’s so easy for women to get some action, but that just isn’t the case. The guys we want are always taken or to shy to make advances. Aggressive women scare most guys off. The situation leaves us without much opportunity, so when I caught him looking at me from behind a rack of clothes and he didn’t avert his gaze I knew that opportunity was knocking.
It took just a smile and a tilt of my head to get him to approach me, and only few whispered words to get him to sneak into a dressing room with me.
He wasted no time and got right down to action. His hard cock had a slight curve that hit me just right as he pounded me fervently.
“Fill me fast!” I told him, and as he reached orgasm the thought of this stranger pumping his hot cum into me pushed me over the edge.
With a strangled cry and an arch of my back I got what I had wanted.

Flash Fiction Friday!

Flash Fiction Friday – I’m Gonna fix you right up!

nurse flash fiction fff

(Source image: “Nurse” by Gernot)
The challenge for today was to use the picture above and write a flash fiction of 69-139 words. with the key phrase “…twitched helplessly…”

Flash Fiction Friday!

The poor girl looked so frightened as she lay there on the table.
I had told her it was going to be an easy insertion, but from the size of her eyes I don’t think she believed me one little bit.
The straps probably didn’t help with her anxiety, but they always made it easier for me.
I knew she was going to feel like a million dollars in just a few minutes.
She only squeaked a bit as I worked it inside.
When I was done I watched as she twitched helplessly on the table with her eyes rolled back in her head.
It was just lovely.


(Image provided by The Temptress, title and photographer unknown)

The challenge for today was to use the picture above and write a flash fiction of 60-160 words with the phrase “…leather creaked…”

Flash Fiction Friday!

I could tell her body ached as she stood silently in the center of the room with Richard behind her.
It had been at least three hours and she was swaying a bit as I stared at her.
Richard had never-ending patience.
The leather creaked as I shifted in my restraints.
The sound seemed to strengthen her resolve, but I knew that soon she would give in or crumble to the floor.
When she did she would join me on the wall.
We little playthings can never out wait Richard.

fff picture
(Source image: “Daddy Always Tells Me to Keep Cool” by Merlin Enabnit)
The challenge for this Friday, 6-10-11, is to use the picture above to write a flash fiction of 40-140 words  with the required phrase: “…trickling down…”

He kept telling me to smile, but all I could manage was a half giggle.
Try as might, I couldn’t help but to bite my lip as the ice froze my little tushy, and I felt the water trickling down my legs.
Wasn’t modeling supposed to be glamorous?
I swear I would have left if he wasn’t so damn good-looking.

Flash Fiction Friday!

Short as could be.

body painting
(Source image: “Body Painting” by Saturno Butto)

The challenge for this Friday, 5-27-11, is to use the picture above to write a flash fiction of 60-80 words.  The required  phrase “…in her eyes…”

Flash Fiction Friday!

I hold the cup for my lady each night as Rebecka paints her with angelic script.
Nothing more than a foolish girl am I in her eyes, but I learn.
Soon I will know enough of the language to free myself of her spells.
Never again will I do her bidding.
I shall kill them both before I leave.
Blood shall be the price of my slavery.

FFF – This weeks challenge is to use the image below along with the phrase “…heavy in the air…” to write a flash fiction between 100-220 words.

Flash Fiction Friday!
(Source image: “C.L.U.M.B.A. and Maria in Hong Kong” by Igor Vasiliadis)

It’s three in the morning already and I still can’t sleep.
My eyes sting from sweat while what seems like millions of half compleated thoughts swim through my mind.
I’m dizzy, brain is spinning, there is nothing on tv except crap.
Why am I watching this horrible asian gangster movie with subtitles?
That is what is happening.
I am going insane.
What’s this?
Oh she is gorgeous.
I want her.
No… I want to be her.
So gorgeous.
It would be heavy in the air.
Oh, her skin is smooth.
My skin…
I’m cumming.
Yes… Ooo
Hmm, maybe I can sleep now.

Sinfully sweet!

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