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Better picture of the hair. (referring to yesterdays post)
Also my cute Valentine’s day dress, but it isn’t Valentine’s day yet.
I won’t be posting on Valentine’s, but wanted to have a fun post for it.

“Happy Early Valentine’s Day!”
lovely glass toy and me

The whole outfit.
Lucky date?
I’m not so sure because my latest may not be my greatest.
Guess I will see.

the whole package

What am I holding you may wonder?
It is a glass massage wand (sometimes called a dildo) made by SSA Glass that is extra special cute because it has red hearts and says “I love you” written around it.
The writing sticks up on the glass a bit to give texture, but it is very little texture.
Besides the design this is a very average glass wand (dildo) of average length (a bit over seven inches long) and of average girth (just under one and a half inches in diameter) with a nice fun tip on the end.
Average is a good thing when it comes to glass wands (dildos) because the reason average exists in the world of glass wands (dildos) is because most people like that particular size and shape.

Valentine’s day is NOT the only time to be giving a sweet heart a present.
Any day is good, but if it is for someone you love it doesn’t get any cooler than this.

I got mine as a gift from Snow White, who got it for free as a review product. Here is her review.
I do not review for the company she got it from.
(Just call it a dildo)

This is the first time I have posted a picture showing someone besides myself on my blog.
I am betting none of you know who it is, but in my biz he is kinda a big deal.
Pretty well-known to the point of famous really.
More importantly, he is fun, funny, and a blast.

It is work related

Happy HNT

and I really am just going to leave you all guessing.

I know you all thought my fabulously fun hair was just a natural phenomenon.
Something I was born with, something to make me stand out in the world.

HNT Hair picture

Sorry to let you all down, but the truth is that I actually spend a lot of time on my hair.
I even run around in rollers of various sorts for up to three hours a day on some days when I want certain looks.

Rollers are sexy I know.
So, I thought I would share them with you all.

HNT Hair 2

Hope I haven’t blown my reputation by letting you all know that may hair isn’t natural.

My eyelashes though – they are natural *wink*

I had a sexy pic ready for this week, but wasn’t in the mood. I thought rollers and face cream would be better. What is more stereotypical of being un-sexy than that?
Then I decided the face cream was overdoing it.
On of the things I like about Half Nekkid Thursday is that it isn’t a booty call. It is more expressive than just showing my ass or whatever. I like not knowing what i will find when I visit the participants. I was drawn into participating for that very reason.
Next week I may post a picture of myself with face cream. Maybe I will be daring and show off my ass. I took a close up of my pink I thought about posting. Maybe I could post a close up of my ear instead?
It’s all fun and I like that it can fit my mood.
I like wondering the moods of the other people who play along when I look at their pictures.

Happy HNT
Visit the site of Osbasso and see all the other people who played along.

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Gonna get crazy with my new hair…

Getting crazy with my new hair for my new site

Getting crazy with my new hair for my new site


I’ll come clean, I didn’t do this for my website move.

I did it because I wanted to get back to that softer pink I used to have.

Bleach is wonderful.

I love getting colored up

I love getting colored up


Results to come at a later date!


Sinfully sweet!

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